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CHO SUN is located on Kingsway, 5 to 10 min away from the metrotown area. I often end up coming here with J after debating over which restaurant to go to. They have a great variety of food including Korean, Korean BBQ, Chinese Korean, and Japanese (sushi) cuisine, which satisfies both of us while choosing dish. I am reviewing this restaurant after visiting several times over the past months. Since some of pictures are crappy, I am only posting "okay" pictures. 
 GALBI JJIM ($28.95 FOR 2 PEOPLE) is J's favourite Korean dish. It is the prime beef short rib simmered in Korean soy-based sweat sauce. The dish was consisted of a fair amount of beef rib, a few pieces of sticky rice cake, potatoes and tamago, topped with scallions,red peppers, onions and sesame seeds. It is served on the hot plate, so that the dish does not get cold while eating. The meat was extremely soft and falls apart very easy. You don't even need scissors to cut the meat but just simply use your chopsticks to peel the meat off the bone. We ordered the YUKGAEJANG ($9.95) just in case we don't get full, which turned out to be too much food in the end of the meal. We were both stuffed. GALBI JJIM tasted really good but a bit on the sweeter side than the average. I can tell this dish is something every kids would love! (Guessing J has a kid taste here...) Anyways, I liked it. YUKGAEJANG was just average, nothing special. 
I've been craving YukHoe Bibimbap for so long, and finally I ordered it the next time we visited Cho Sun after the "Galbijjim day." However, the waiter took my order wrong and gave me HOE DUPBAP which is a Korean version of Chirashi Don. I was just being nice and told him I would eat it (By this time, you would know I am a sushi freak). However, I should've told him to bring me the dish I ordered! It was not as great as other Chirashi Don you could get from the average Japanese restaurants. I ate all the sashimi on top of rice though. 
And here you go! The next time I visited, I finally ordered and "received" the YUKHOE BIBIMBAP ($13.95). I love raw beef (Korean beef sashimi) but never tried it with the rice. It was actually my first time ordering YukHoe Bibimbap. The dish in the hot-stone bowl consisted of steamed rice on the bottom, and a variety of vegetables including the bean sprouts, Korean young pumpkin, mushrooms, shredded carrots, spinach and seasoned seaweed strips, and topped with my beloved Korean beef sashimi and the egg yolk. The beef sashimi was flavoured with the sesame oils, a bit of malt syrup, and soy sauce. The hot-stone was extremely "hot" (duh) so that when I mixed everything, the beef was fully cooked.. which I didn't want that happened. It did not taste like what I expected, but it was okay. 
The plate of assorted meats you see is the BBQ COMBO "A" ($35.95, for two people), which consisted of BEEF BULGOGI, LA GALBI, CHICKEN AND PORK BELLY. *You have to pay extra for the lettuce* I think the combo is not as good as their regular BBQ items. When you order other BBQ items, you get the compliment lettuce (I am obsessed with the lettuce) and soybean paste soup. 

We also tried their GAMJATANG/ GAMJA JUNGOL ($27.95 FOR TWO PEOPLE), not on the same day as above though. This is also.... J's favourite Korean dish (He loves food too). The pork bone soup takes a long time to cook since you need to boil the pork backbone over 2 to 3 hours. Sometimes I think it is worth eating at a restaurant when you are being lazy. There were lots of meat and three to four big potatoes inside the soup as well. J really really liked it, and he almost finished two bowls of rice. The presentation is not that great but it tasted pretty authentic. I don't think I had any authentic Korean Gamjatang in Canada, ever (excluding my version of Gamjatang! :p)

+ A variety of food items
+ Food is never below average (so far)
+ You get better service if you speak Korean (LOL)

- When the restaurant is busy at full capacity, you have to raise and wave your hand forever 
- Japanese food items can be improved
- Some dishes are meant to be shared and the tables are ALL BIG, meaning they expect you to come in groups 

Food             3.5/5.0
Ambience     2.5/5.0
Service         3.5/5.0
Price             $$, $$$

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