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FIVE SAILS is located above the Vancouver Convention and Exhibition Centre at the Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver. You can walk to Five Sails from the Waterfront Sky Train Station less than 5-10 minutes. They also have a valet service if you need. 
I completely forgot to take pictures of our appetizers - TERRINE OF QUEBEC FOIE GRAS ($23) and CHILLED WILD JUMBO PRAWNS ($19). Foie Gras came with quince gelée, grapefruit confit, toasted nut and fruit crisps. Jumbo Prawn was great. It was so fatty and juicy, and I wanted to have as my main dish.
J ordered SEARED FILET OF "AAA" ALBERTA BEEF ($40) which was topped with compressed foie gras, sour cherry compote pommes (fancy French for apple juice) Maxim & silky red wine sauce. He liked it a lot apparently. 
As the name suggests, TRIO OF DUCK ($39) consists of three duck dishes cooked in different styles: duck breast glazed with galangal scented honey, rösti potato with duck confit, and pan seared foie gras with port wine sauce caramelized quince and celeriac purée. This dish gives you a variety of food so if you like duck meat, this would satisfy your tastebud. I liked the smoked duck breast a lot. It was very soft and smokiness of the meat enhanced its flavour. Pan seared foie gras was great too, and it was my first time trying foie gras. 

THE FIVE SAILS GRAND MARNIER SOUFFLÉ ($13) with Rum and Raisin Ice Cream, and Crème Anglaise is one of the best desserts I've ever had! It was pleasantly sweet, and Soufflés was fluffy and warm enough to melt the ice cream. It takes 25 minutes to make this, so you'd better let your server know ahead of time.
J ordered CHOCOLATE OPERA SLICE ($13) which was eaten by me. There is Bailey truffle between layers of the cake which tastes really rich. A scoop of caramel ice cream and hazelnut garnish are served on the side. Everything was perfect! I would even come here only for the desserts.
Service was great although one of the waiters accidentally gave J the wrong dish. The presentation of food was very impressive, and the ambience was great with a breathtaking view of the Vancouver Harbour. It would be the perfect place to spend Valentine's with your loved one. 


+ Great service
+ They have better desserts than any other dessert cafes
+ Unique, best selected dishes
+ Convient location


- Pricey but understandable
- Small portion? 


Food               4.5/5.0
Ambience       4.5/5.0
Service           4.5/5.0
Price               $$$, $$$$

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