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As soon as I saw the picture of beef sashimi on the window of a restaurant, I stepped inside, hoping they have fresh beef. It was a quite small restaurant filled with wooden tables and chairs. The interior definitely looked like a typical izakaya style. Although izakaya is like a Japanese tapa bar, the portion is more substantial than regular tapa items, depending on which you choose. 
Since I was at a Japanese restaurant, I had to order SALMON SASHIMI ($8.95) and of course, AAA BEEF YUKKE ($9.25). Salmon Sashimi was good quality, and very tasty. It was small in portion, but I didn't expect big pieces from here anyways. I also liked my "AAA" Beef Yukke which was marinated in Yukke sauce, topped with a raw egg yolk, scallions and seasoned seasoned seaweed strips. Unlike most Korean Beef Yukhoe, the Japanese version is not served with thinly sliced pears. The raw beef was impressively fresh, and I liked the light sauce which didn't detract from the beef taste.
SEAFOOD SALAD ($8.5) consisted of a few pieces of salmon, squid, scallop, seared tuna on top of salad, topped with tobiko, shoyu dressing and mayo (just soy sauce with mayo). I thought they could've given us more seafood since the sashimi pieces were not big. Am I too keen on food size? :p
TONKOTSU MISO RAMEN ($9.50) was decent for the price, and huge! The noodle was very chewy and had a deeper flavour of miso-based pork broth. The soup was very thick and of course, fatty. The BBQ Pork (Chashu) on top of noodle was a bit salty to me. If you like Chashu, or any other toppings like wonton, butter&corn, bean sprouts, you can always get it by paying as little as $1. J said the ramen was very filling because of the fat and carbs. I am not a ramen expert to be honest nor am I a big fan of eating ramen outside home... 
+ Good service (very polite!)
+ They serve Yukke (can I write this here..?)
+ Decent ramen for the price 

- Be more generous about sashimi portion, then I will go so often!
- The restaurant can be too small for the large group of people

Food             3.5/5.0
Ambience     3.0/5.0
Service         3.0/5.0
Price             $, $$

G-men @ Nan Chuu 南廚 Ramen Izakaya on Urbanspoon

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As the name indicates, I'm Sophia who Eats - a lot, and possibly everything. I basically love to do anything involved with food: eating, cooking, and even watching food documentaries! I will regularly update the lists of Must-Visit-Eateries and Hidden Gems in Metro Vancouver, so stay tuned! Hope you guys discover new restaurants and cafes that will give you great dining experiences and become your favourite spots as well!