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I was craving sweet desserts after late dinner at Guu so headed over to NERO BELIGIAN WAFFLE BAR, located on Robson Street. It was pretty late by the time we got there maybe around 10 but still the store was packed and we had to line-up.
They serve two types of waffles: the Belgium Waffle (light and crispy) and the Liege Waffle (soft, sweet and chewy). I was eager to try all but they had run out of the Belgium Waffle, so I only got the Liege Waffle. Again, we did not have many options over flavours because most of them were not available! This little shop must be super busy all day long.

So I ended up getting MOCHA ($8.30) with a LIEGE WAFFLE. Although Mocha was under their Sweet Classic category it was not extremely sweet. The espresso infused whipped cream and dark chocolate tasted really good with the sweet Liege waffle. It was absolutely delicious! Although the waffle was topped with dark chocolate, it was not bitter at all because of the vanilla ice cream and the sweet Liefe waffle flavour. I think the dark chocolate actually enhanced the sweetness. The waffle was chewy and soft as described.

For those of you who don't like sweet desserts, they also serve different types of savoury waffles topped with brie cheese, spinach, goat cheese, mozzarella, asparagus and so much more! Check this place out if you crave any sweet/savoury desserts.

+ Great taste
+ A variety of toppings you can choose from

- Tiny space (Too small for a large group of people)

Food             4.0/5.0
Ambience     3.0/5.0
Service         3.0/5.0
Price             $

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