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Here is a second review on KINGYO IZAKAYA! I came here many times but i was never disappointed in terms of food and service. They consistently maintain high food quality and  servers are very attentive and courteous as well. This is a perfect place to have some drinks with your friends on weekends :)
Perfectly marbled HORSE MEAT SASHIMI (DAILY SPECIAL) with a sweet and spicy soy sauce. Horse meat tends to have more protein and less fat than lean beef. Horse meat sashimi at Kingyo was very tender and it was interesting to eat it with wasabi!
YELLOWTAIL AND AVOCADO CARPACCIO ($10.40) is a must. Just get it.

Here is the reason why

MARINATED TUNA TATAKI ($8.80) was served on a bed of onion slices, with lightly seared Albacore tuna marinated with special mustard sauce, tomato and onion served with ponzu jelly.
KINGYO NEGITORO SUSHI 4PCS ($9.60) was so tasty. Sushi rice wrapped in seaweed, topped with chopped tuna, pickled daikon radish, green onions, and their original yuzu wasabi sesame sauce. 
MY EBI MAYO ($9.80) & SOCKEYE SALMON SASHIMI ($9.80) Ebi mayo is one of my favourites! Kingyo use big, fatty black tiger prawns, which makes Ebi Mayo even tastier! Deep-fried, tempura-battered black tiger prawns are dipped in spicy chilli mayo sauce, and garnished with chilli strings and paprika powder! YUM! Sockeye salmon sashimi was very fresh and its texture was firm. I LOVED IT SO MUCH. 
ASSORTED SASHIMI, SALMON FLAKE AND IKURA BOWL - $14.80 (LUNCH) was a housemade salmon flake and salmon caviar (ikura) bowl, served with four different kinds of sashimi and soy based ginger sauce.
I didn't get to try DEEP FRIED SATSUMAAGE ($7.40), but it is basically seafood pâté mixed with blue cheese, cabbage, red ginger and topped with Okonomi sauce and Bonito flakes. It looks like Takoyaki but it is not!
DEEP FRIED FRESH CORN ($5.80) was cooked with soy butter. Sometimes, this simple dish tastes way better than you could ever imagine.
CAULIFLOWER KARAAGE (DAILY SPECIAL) was way beyond my expectations. The batter was light and crispy, and cauliflower was well seasoned. The sauce had a unique texture and flavour. I wish they had it on their regular menu.
AONORI CALAMARI ($8.80) - DEEP FRIED SQUID was cooked with Aonori (dried seaweed flakes) and covered with their special Shiso herb (Perilla) salsa. Housemade tartar sauce was on the side. Kingyo always have unique and special sauce that goes well with the dish. They know how to make their food taste good.
DEEP FRIED CHICKEN BREAST TENDER ($7.40) was tender and moist inside. They said the meat was marinated in plum and shiso, coated with potato starch, and then deep-fried. This procedure made well-seasoned and crispy chicken tender. It was served with lemon, wasabi and chopped jellyfish plum sauce on the side.
CHICKEN KARAAGE ($8.40) was served in a cute little wooden box with three different kinds of salt: Real salt, Himalayan crystal salt and Hakata salt. We were trying so hard to differentiate them.. (I failed)
I brought my foodies to let them try Kingyo's impressive dishes; Five of them all liked it. Kingyo is a must visit eatery for any Vancouverites!

+ Amazing food
+ Fresh fish/meat sashimi
+ Impressive "Kingyo-style" unique dish
+ Their housemade sauce are awesome
+ Nice interior

- Limited parking space

Food             4.5/5.0
Ambience     4.3/5.0
Service         4.5/5.0
Price             $$

Kingyo Izakaya 金魚居酒屋 on Urbanspoon

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