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KIRIRI is a Japanese owned restaurant, located in the Blundell Plaza, Richmond. The interior is spacious and there is lots of space between tables. Kiriri is a type of the restaurants that have limited food items on menu, but all of them seem to be very authentic Japanese food, unlike other Korean-owned Japanese restaurants that serve a variety of fusion rolls. 
We started off with PRAWN TEMPURA which was deep-fried just right. Very crispy outside but not overtly-covered with the thick batter.
CHOPPED SCALLOP ROLL tasted really different from other Japanese restaurants I've been to. Scallop was chopped into big pieces, mixed with Japanese Kewpie mayo but without tobiko. The roll was cut into a small bite-size. I liked it!
SALMON DON comes with miso soup, and pickled cucumber and radish. Rice was too vinegary to me, but salmon sashimi was very fresh and flavourful. 
J got CHIRASHI DON which came with miso soup, and pickled cucumber and radish as well. It looked more appealing than salmon don actually. And I kind of regretted getting a salmon don. Chirashi don consists of salmon, tuna, toro, saba, ika, tamago and tako sashimi on top. It is a pretty decent size. Again, J agreed that rice was too vinegary.
After eating all this, we were still not full... So here is CHICKEN TERIYAKI we got after finishing our dons. The portion is comparably smaller than other restaurants, but definitely tasty. A teriyaki sauce was light but deep in flavour, and the texture of batter was really good too.
While eating chicken teriyaki, I ordered the CRÈME BRÛLÉE which happened to be the best item during our dinner. A crispy sugar layer was perfectly caramelized and the vanilla custard base was very rich in flavour. I also liked how they placed fruits on the side.
Overall, it was really nice and pleasant dining experience, except for the part that we had to keep adding food because of the small portion. Maybe it is only us. 

+ Service was really great, taking care of customers in a good manner
+ Authentic Japanese food
+ Nice pottery dinnerware

- Limited food items 
- Food is pricey, considering its small portion

Food             4.0/5.0
Ambience     2.5/5.0
Service         3.5/5.0
Price             $$$

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