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MANZO IZAKAYA is located on Alexandra Road in Central Richmond. I used come here often with J for beer and Japanese tapas, and skewers to eat with. This place gets a bit crowded after dinner time especially on weekends. They offer a wide range of sake, cocktails, beer and so much more.
SALMON PIZZA ($12.95) sounds a bit weird, but it tastes interesting. The pizza bread is on the crunch side, while the topping is very soft and flavourful. This dish is good for a group of people to share together as an appetizer. It has six slices of pizza bread with imitation crab meat, and salmon sashimi on top of bread, drizzled with sweetened soy mayo.
EBI MAYO ($6.95) is one of my favourites. It comes with 6 pieces of deep-fried prawns with mayo sauce. You can choose either regular or spicy Ebi Mayo
GRILLED PORK INTESTINE ($6.95 FOR 3 SKEWERS) I love pork intestine (Don't judge me). I think this is something more about my background, seriously. There are so many restaurants specializing in "intestine" in Korea. If you ever visited Korea, you know what I am talking. The pork intestine skewer was perfectly grilled with sweet teriyaki sauce. It was very crispy outside and chewy inside. I liked it.
SALMON SASHIMI ($14.95) was fresh and tasty, but it is over-priced I think.  
TAKO WASABI OR WASABI TAKO ($7.95) is fun to eat actually. Chopped octopus (raw) is sauced with wasabi and sweet sauce, with some scallions on top. Wrap a small amount of tako with dried seaweed. It is really addicting! p.s. If you don't like your friend sitting next to you, give a big scoop of this :) 
CLAM WITH GARLIC BUTTER ($9.95) It was on the sweet side compared to the ones I've had before. Maybe they use more mirin I guess? I liked it anyways!
KAKUNI (BRAISED PORK BELLY $5.95) I LOVE KAKUNI SO MUCH! I even made it once at home and it took me forever to cook! It needs to be slowly braised for a long time, so that i can have the perfect tender texture. That being said, two big pieces of Kakuni for $5.95 are so much worth what you pay! Perfectly cooked, really soft, sauce was good too! It just melts in your mouth.
SPICY GYUTAN TEPPANYAKI ($8.95) Gyutan is grilled beef tongue. Since we liked Kingyo's beef tongue, we wanted to try at Manzo as well. But it tasted so bad and we only had a half a bite. I think it is not about the cooking style but about the beef tongue itself. We both felt like it was not beef tongue somehow. Very different texture and felt really weird while eating. Their STEAK TEPPANYAKI was really great when we tried before. If you wanna try their teppanyaki I definitely recommend steak one over Gyutan!
TON TORO (PORK JOWL) FRIED RICE ($11.95) Nothing special about this dish. It is just fired rice that will fill up your stomach so much. 
SUKIYAKI (BEEF NABE $10.95) This item would be what you wanna order when you come here to eat. Very filling and delicious with lots of veggies and meat. I liked the broth as well.


+ Cheap cooked dish 
+ Great place to drink beer and sake
+ A wide range of sake and food
+ Open until 12am on weekdays, 2am on Friday and Saturday


Sashimi can be pricey ($15 up)
- Inconsistent food quality
- Service can be bad sometimes...


Food               3.5/5.0
Ambience       3.0/5.0
Service           2.5/5.0
Price               $$ 

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