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SUSHI& is a Korean owned Japanese restaurant which is located on North Road in Burquitlam (a.k.a. K-Town). I often came here when I craved sushi and only if I were nearby. My regular item here is DELUXE SASHIMI ($21.95) which is really a good deal considering the amount of sashimi you get (21~22pcs). 
I thought the sashimi in general were good but not outstanding. Their food quality changes depending on the day so I cannot be so sure. 
DELUXE SASHIMI again! I like how they present sashimi over the wooden bridge.   
This is their LOVE BOAT ($29.95) which comes with 2 miso soup, salad and oranges. They are pretty descent, way better than S.C....  
SUSHI AND SASHIMI COMBO was not so great on this specific day. Tuna was not fresh and partly frozen. The chopped scallop nigiri smelled and tasted fishy.
CRISPY CRUNCH ROLL ($7.95) was disappointing although it was their special roll. I just realized that they did not give us prawn tempura inside the roll. It is basically the Dynamite roll with tempura bits (sweet potato) on top, drizzled with spicy mayo and unagi sauce over the roll. I don't recommend this roll.
PRAWN TEMPURA ($7.95) was alright. 
TORO SASHIMI ($11.95) was really bad. It was the worst toro I've ever had in my life (seriously). The blood stain was all over the sashimi which means that the fish was not put in the ice-cold water long enough to get the blood out of the fish. The fish lacked its firmness as well. The presentation? Hmmm...
RAINBOW ROLL ($8.95) was consisted of salmon, tako, tuna and tai sashimi on top of the Cucumber Roll (*not California Roll), garnished with tobiko and the spicy mayo and unagi sauce drizzles. I don't recommend this roll at Sushi&

+ Food comes promptlyFOOD COMES PROMPTLY
+ A variety of food A VARIETY OF FOOD
+ Cheap and affordable CHEAP! 
+ SpaciousSPACIOUS

- Inconsistent food qualityINCONSISTENT FOOD QUALITY
- What you see on the menu is not what you get

Food              2.5/5.0
Ambience      2.5/5.0
Service          2.5/5.0
Price              $, $$

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