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After my class in Surrey today I went to SUSHI&ROLL to pick up my sushi! I've tried their food twice already, and it was not bad....until today. I was very very disappointed. As soon as I opened the lid, I could tell the sashimi was not fresh at all. It seemed like not having a sort of firmness, although each piece was huge. But what is the point of having a big mouthful piece of sashimi when it is not fresh at all? The first time I tried their sushi was back in July 2014, and it was good when I had it before! 

SALMON SASHIMI ($9.95) AND ALASKA ROLL ($4.50) is my regular take-out food items. As long as they have good quality sashimi and Alaska sauce, it cannot be too bad.
ALASKA ROLL tasted better than salmon sashimi although rice was a bit drier. The portions are generous and even inside roll was filled with avocado and tobiko. 
This is SALMON SASHIMI I was talking about earlier. It lacked the firmness, which is one of the most important factors (among taste, ordour, and colour) while evaluating the freshness of sashimi. 
And this is the one I tried last year. As you can see, the quality is way better than the above. I don't know if they are getting fish from somewhere else now, but I would try one more time to tell whether or not this place serves good quality fish. 

+ Cheap and affordable - make you full without paying less than $20 per each person
+ Spacious 
+ Convenient location, close from the Surrey Central Skytrain Station. 

- Not consistent food quality

Food             2.0/5.0
Ambience     2.5/5.0
Service         3.0/5.0
Price             $

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