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Takeya is a Japanese owned restaurant on No. 1 Road in Richmond. The restaurant is not big nor is it fancy, but they definitely know how to make good sushi.
I usually get TAKEYA NIGIRI ($11.95) which comes with five aburi sushi consisting of unagi, amaebi, saba, sockeye salmon, and toro, and 3 pieces of salmon roll and 3 pieces of tuna roll. They have one of the best aburi toro sushi. Toro tastes really soft and flavourful when it is lightly seared on top. 
SANSHOKU DON ($8.95) is on their special menu most of the time. It has spicy salmon tartar, BBQ salmon flakes and ikura (salmon roe) on rice. Unfortunately they do not make this for take-out because this type of food turns bad really quick (because of salmon tartar). If you dine in, try this don. It is a very "polite" food item considering its affordable price, decent portion and good quality. TAKOYAKI ($5.45) is J's favourite food item ever. He admits Takeya has the best takoyaki. We believe they make it fresh, not using the pre-packaged frozen takoyaki.
SPICY TUNA DON ($9.25) was pretty decent too. I liked how tuna sashimi was cut uniformly in size. Some restaurants tend to use left-over sashimi to use it for spicy sashimi or spicy tuna/salmon don since customers cannot tell whether it is fresh or not because of the sauce. Anyways, it seemed like they used fresh tuna sashimi. Rice was cooked to perfection with a drizzle of light soy sauce.
 TUNA CARPACCIO ROLL (4.75) was a bit miss. I ordered this because of the name, without reading ingredients carefully. The roll has the onion and ginger inside, so that it has the pungent taste which I don't like that much. I like ginger and onion itself, but it seems a bit weird having it with my beloved tuna carpaccio! I thought that the red pepper does not go well with this roll. Oh, and there is pepper powder over the roll.. Hmm.. Luckily, my CHOPPED SCALLOP was excellent! Scallop was chopped into huge pieces! They don't mix chopped scallop with mayo, but instead they put a drop of mayo on the top of chopped scallop. I liked it!
Overall, the food was really great, and the staff was kind and courteous as well. I would come back for sure.

+ Great service
+ Food comes less than 10 mins, guaranteed
+ Lots of food choices

- No washroom? 
- Chairs are not comfortable
- Small tables

Food             4.0/5.0
Ambience     1.0/5.0
Service         2.5/5.0
Price             $$

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