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FISHERMAN'S TERRACE SEAFOOD RESTAURANT 釣魚台海鮮酒家 is located on the third floor of Aberdeen Centre. Recently, Sun Sui Wah and Empire Seafood Restaurant have gone down hill in terms of food quality and service so that we wanted to try new dim sum restaurant in Richmond today. By the time we arrived, the restaurant was crowded and fully packed - took 20+ mins to park. We waited about 15 to 20 mins which was not too bad.
The food came out very quick. FRESH SHRIMP DUMPLINGS ($5.55) were very tasty. Each dumpling was filled with fatty shrimps wrapped with dumpling skin, kind of like Vietnamese rice paper texture. It was so juicy and there was enough saltiness in it. 
I had STEAMED BABY CUTTLEFISH IN CURRY SAUCE ($4.95) for the first time. It gave an interesting texture and flavour. The curry sauce tasted different than what I expected. It seemed like they steamed baby cuttlefish in a watery, oily curry. J said it was just average comparing to other restaurants.   

Aside from pork and beef intestines, I love tendons (again, no judge). Better than being an absolute picky eater, right? STEAMED BEEF TENDONS AND HONEYCOMB TRIPE WITH JAPANESE SEASONING SAUCE ($5.55) came in a tiny bowl which was disappointing. It had braised bean curds too along with other organs. It tasted a bit on the sweet side, lacking some flavours of the sauce. Bean curds tasted richer than other ones. I liked the Sun Sui Wah's Steamed Beef Tendons better.

MINI STICKY RICE IN BAMBOO LEAVES ($5.55) were not mini-size at all. It was big enough to make me full so quick. It tasted really good. Seasoned very well, rich flavours, and juicy. The glutinous rice was well mixed with pork and shrimp pieces. 

I always get at least one Rice Noodle Wrap when I have dim sum. It is a must for me. This time, we had FRESH SCALLOP AND NIRA GRASS IN RICE NOODLE WRAP which tasted amazing! The wrap was filled with huge fresh scallop pieces. Scallop was not over-cooked, and had a really nice texture and flavour. Even the sauce was tasty while maintaining both sweetness and saltiness in soy sauce very well.
This was a well-balanced rice wrap with perfectly cooked, soft scallop and just enough flavour from the sweet soy sauce.
So, today I had the best BAKED BBQ PORK PASTRY ($4.95). I never knew BBQ Pork Pastry was supposed to taste like this. I only tried once at T&T Supermarket when I had class in Surrey. Anyways, it had a nice soft texture when I had a bite through layers and layers of a puff pastry. It was moist and warm inside while BBQ Pork tasted kinda of sweet with just enough seasoning. Fisherman's Terrace is not stingy with the fillings as I could see from their Fresh Shrimp Dumplings and here.  
We almost forgot about our STEAMED SPARERIBS AND PUMPKIN WITH BLACK BEAN SAUCE ($4.95) which came when we almost finished our meal. I was expecting spareribs covered with heavy black bean sauce, but instead it had a very light black bean flavour. It was a bit disappointing. The meat itself was fresh and cooked very well.
Dim sum we ordered today

 Fisherman's Terrace Dim Sum Menu

+ Fresh ingredients
+ Seafood dishes are really good
+ Prompt service

- Some dishes can be improved
- Need something more special to be called as a No. 1 dim sum place. I visited here after reading Vancity Buzz

Food              3.8/5.0
Ambience      3.0/5.0
Service          3.5/5.0
Price              $$

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