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After walking along English Bay, J and I were hungry so that we headed over to Denman street where lots of restaurants are gathered. I quickly skimmed through restaurants on Urbanspoon, and found KADOYA which seemed pretty good. Kadoya has two locations in downtown, one branch on Davie Street, and the other on Denman street, right besides English Bay. I think KADOYA has relatively good sashimi and special rolls, yet the dirty menu gave me a bad impression about the restaurant. 
DELUXE ASSORTED SASHIMI ($19.99) had 20 pieces of sashimi consisting of Alaska salmon, Sockeye salmon, Toro, Tako, Tuna, Saba, and Tai sashimi. Everything tasted fine except for tuna sashimi which was partly frozen. It should've been thawed a little bit more. Nonetheless, this is a good deal for sashimi lover. You get better food than what you pay for.
KUSHIYAKI ($4.75) consisted of two skewers of prawns and scallops, grilled with butter sauce. It was a good start for our appetizer along with assorted sashimi.
NIGIRI SUSHI (SABA, CHOPPED CALLOP, KANI (IMITATION CRABMEAT), AND HOTATE ) was pretty descent, but hotate did not have a fresh texture.
PHOENIX ROLL ($8.99) consisted of pumpkin, cucumber inside roll, topped with salmon sashimi, imitation shark fin, and tobiko. They used vermicelli glass noodles and jelly fish as imitation shark fin. When I read the ingredients off the menu, it sounded so lame. It broke my expectation as soon as I started eating though. Pumpkin tempura, cucumbers, salmon, and masago all blended well together and gave a pleasant texture. 

+ A small patio with a great view of English Bay
+ A good portion size for the money
+ Creative speciality rolls

- Dirty menu

Food             3.5/5.0 
Ambience     2.0/5.0
Service         2.5/5.0
Price             $$

* Closed on Monday
* Street parking

Kadoya Japanese on Urbanspoon

+ Beautiful English Bay

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As the name indicates, I'm Sophia who Eats - a lot, and possibly everything. I basically love to do anything involved with food: eating, cooking, and even watching food documentaries! I will regularly update the lists of Must-Visit-Eateries and Hidden Gems in Metro Vancouver, so stay tuned! Hope you guys discover new restaurants and cafes that will give you great dining experiences and become your favourite spots as well!