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I celebrated Lunar New Year by myself with Chinese food from Ming Kee. I called them 5 mins before closing, but they still offered me delivery service. The service was really nice over the phone and in person as well. When I was paying with my credit card, the portable card machine was not connecting. And it happened to be this friendly, courteous delivery guy gave me food for free! I really appreciated and he actually made my sad, home-alone Lunar New Year's day a lot happier :)

SLICED BBQ PORK ($7.50) was different from other Chinese restaurants I've been to. It tasted like the Westernized BBQ pork, which was sweeter and less greasy. It tasted okay but I preferred the fatty, greasy BBQ pork that I used to have.
CURRIED CHICKEN ON STEAMED RICE ($8.95) consisted chicken and lots of vegetables (celery, broccoli, onions, bell peppers) in curry sauce. The water seeped out of the cooked veggies making the curry watered down a bit. The rice was over-cooked and gummy, but it was fine with me since I like it better than it being undercooked.
PAN FRIED RICE NOODLE WITH BEEF ($9.95) was alright. The bean sprouts had a nice crunch and the rice noodle was cooked just enough. The beef was tender, but lacking some flavours. I ate it with my sriracha so it tasted fine. 
Overall, I felt that Ming Kee was more close to Westernized Chinese cuisine, rather than the authentic Chinese. They were very generous in portion at fairly cheaper prices. The food came quick under 30 mins. I would've ordered more from Ming Kee if they had more "Chinese" Chinese food... 

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+ Fast delivery 
+ Courteous, friendly service
+ Great portion at cheaper prices

- Not authentic Chinese food
- Too much veggies in meat dishes


Food                2.5/5.0 
Ambience        N/A
Service             4.5/5.0
Delivery time  4.5/5.0
Price                $
*Open at 4pm

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