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My best sushi-date "A" used to work here and she highly recommended me their speciality rolls. So, I gave it a try. NAMOO SUSHI is a Korean-owned Japanese restaurant located in Port Moody. They have big tables, private booths and party room which seemed like you can book it. 
To start we ordered ASSORTED SASHIMI ($18.95) which came with 18 pieces (we got extra 3 pieces, thanks to "A"), consisting of Saba, Toro, Aburi Toro, Tako, Atlantic Salmon, Albacore and Tuna sashimi. It had a really fresh texture and taste. Toro was glowing! My love towards toro has grown immeasurably. Aburi Toro: Speechless, in a good way.
So, I had to order extra TORO SASHIMI ($13.95). As I expected, it was very fresh, firm, and flavourful. I should've not ordered this because there were lots of food awaiting us.
VOCALNO ROLL ($12.95) had huge 6 pieces of deep-fried roll consisted of cream cheese, crab meat, avocado, spicy tuna (inside roll) and spicy sashimi in the centre of the roll. The roll was completely covered by spicy mayo sauce, and the presentation resembled the volcano a lot. The roll well-balanced with some nice crunch outside and enough flavour from the sauces. It was nice to have extra spicy sashimi in the middle. Although I didn't mind the strong sauces, some might feel this is heavy or greasy. 
RED DRAGON ROLL ($10.95) had prawn tempura, crab meat, cucumber inside, topped with spicy sashimi and crispy (sweet potato) tempura bits. I started getting full around this time, because all the sauces I had from the rolls. It fills up your stomach quick + all the rice I had...
SPICY CUCUMBER ROLL was more refreshing and lighter compared to other rolls. It was a cucumber wrapped roll, consisting of tamago, salmon, crab, tuna and avocado, topped with spicy mayo and black sesame seeds. After having several special rolls covered with thick, heavy sauces, I felt the sauces were too overwhelming, and could not take anymore. It would be a better idea to order one or two special rolls. Photo (description) credit: "A"
LAS VEGAS ROLL ($8.95) was a deep-fried roll consisting of crab meat, cucumber, avocado, cream cheese, 2 pieces of prawn tempura, and topped with teriyaki sauce. I didn't really like it. The rice was on the gummier side, and the tempura was because of the sauce on top.

+ Fresh sashimi (Love toro!)
+ Great portion 

- Two servers not enough when it gets busy
Sauces can be overwhelming (should not pour too much sauces over      the deep-fried roll)

Food             3.5/5.0
Ambience     2.5/5.0 (Seat cushions need to be replaced)
Service         3.5/5.0
Price             $$
*Parking available in front of the restaurant

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