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Nao Sushi is located on Kingsway close from my house, so J and I often visited here. They used to have really fresh sashimi, but recently the taste and quality of food have gone down the hill. This post consists of food pictures from several visits to Nao Sushi.

SMOKED SALMON SALAD was pretty good. It had fresh spinach and a decent amount of smoked salmon. Their homemade citrus salad dressing added a nice flavour to the salad. 
IKA MARYUAKI is a grilled whole squid that you can have it for appetizer. It had a deep smokey flavour and tasted even better with some mayo. I found myself eating this non-stop. It was so addicting!
I overheard three Korean girls sitting on the next table. They were basically praising this soft shell crab for more than 10 minutes. I was so curious and ordered it on the next visit to Nao Sushi which I should not have done it. It was so salty, way too salty and I could not take it. J agreed and had only one bite. I still don't know if it was cooked improperly, or they just like the salty food.
PRAWN TEMPURA ($7.20) is our must-have appetizer. Nao Sushi has always brought us freshly fried prawn tempura, so far.
LOBSTER SASHIMI consisted of freshly caught lobster sashimi and assorted sashimi. A lobster's antennae was still moving on the table which I didn't like it at all. Yes, it indicates the freshness of the lobster, but we still know this fact from tasting the food, not from seeing the long antennae moving while eating. After we finished sashimi, the waitress took the lobster shells away and brought us the soup made out of the lobster shells. You can choose to add udon for $2.
This SALMON DON ($14.60) was what I ate on the first day I visited to Nao Sushi. It tasted awesome and had a great portion of fresh salmon sashimi. Filling and satisfying. 
SALMON SASHIMI ($9.80) that we tried for the first several visits was fresh in terms of texture and taste, but the quality dropped throughout our multiple visits to Nao Sushi. 
This was the sashimi we were both disappointed at. It was mushy and tasteless. Sashimi pieces got smaller as well. I was surprised at how much food quality has gone down.
 TORO AND TAMAGO NIGIRI Quality of toro sashimi has definitely gone down


 ATLANTIC ROLL consisted of avocado and masago wrapped with salmon sashimi

ICHI ROLL had avocado, crab, tamago, tobiko and chopped scallop inside, wrapped with soy bean paper.

Food            2.5/5.0 
Ambience    3.0/5.0
Service        3.0/5.0
Price            $$

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