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For those of you who stay up late looking for food delivery at two in the morning (well, other than Pizza), Wing Kee can be your another option for Chinese food. Wing Kee is comparably cheaper than other Chinese restaurants and more generous in portions. The food tastes okay in general, and sometimes it can be better than you expect. Trust me, it shouldn't be thaaatttt bad (when you are starving).
BBQ PORK ON RICE ($6.95) came with a large amount of steamed rice (maybe almost two bowls of rice), fair amount of BBQ pork, and the boiled bok choy. Some pieces of the meat were dry but the sauce was pretty good. It had enough sauce on top of rice to mix it together.
STIR FRIED BEEF WITH FLAT RICE NOODLE ($8.50) was a bit bland, but the noodle was cooked just right with a nice chewy texture. The beef was not overcooked and the vegetables had a nice crunch.
I expected that CURRIED BEEF ON RICE ($7.50) would be similar to Malaysian curry, but I guess this is what Chinese curry is... (lighter than the Indian or Malaysian curry). In terms of taste, it was just a simple curry that did not have buttery, creamy flavour or typical spiciness of the curry. It was a bit mild to me. After eating, I was so thirsty and had to drink 2 glasses of water. While eating I didn't find any of my dishes was salty or saucy, but maybe the (excessive) amount of MSG was added to the food...?
Overall, the food was good enough to satisfy my hunger at 2 in the morning. I would order from Wing Kee when I crave Chinese food at night! 

+ Open til 3am
+ Late night delivery
+ Large portions at cheaper prices

- Food can be hit and miss

Food               2.5/6.0
Ambience       N/A
Service           3.0/5.0
Delivery time 5.0/5.0 (took 30 mins)
Price               $
*Minimum order fee - $20
*Just Eat says "Free delivery above $20" but you will be charged at least $3 from the restaurant regardless.

Wing Kee Restaurant 新榮記海鮮食館 on Urbanspoon

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