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Chong Qing is another Chinese restaurant in South Burnaby I often get delivery food from. The price used to be cheaper a few months ago, but recently they increased the price about $1 per each item. However, the minimum order for delivery service is only $18 so that if you order for yourself only, it could be one of the cheapest options (other places require minimum $25-35).

SHREDDED PORK IN CHILLI, SOUR AND GARLIC SAUCE WITH SPINACH ($12.95) is the regular item that I get from Chong Qing. In terms of portion, there was a decent amount of meat, and veggie, mostly spinach. It was a bit spicy but not extremely spicy as authentic Szechuan food. If you eat spicy food often, this might not be a big issue. I think you can ask them to make it less spicy if that is your concern. The meat was tender and well absorbed the sauce. I had this dish over five times so far, and they always tasted the same. Pretty consistent.
They don't give you the rice to accompany with, so I ordered a SMALL STEAMED RICE ($1.50). They give you lots of rice, so unless you are eating with a large group of people, the small rice is enough for most people.
TAN TAN NOODLE SOUP WITH PORK CHOP ($8.95) came with noodles, soup, pork chop and the sauce separately. The noodle gets soggy pretty fast, so if the delivery delays a bit longer the food won't taste as good as when you dine in. Mine was pretty soggy, and it was rather a chunk of noodles. I don't mind soggy noodles so it was alright for me.
Tan Tan noodle soup was very nutty, buttery with a bit of spiciness. All the flavourful peanut butter is on the bottom, so you need to swirl it well.
I used to like their pork chop a lot which came with the tan tan noodle, but as their prices went up, the quality and the portion, ironically, went down. I was disappointed this time. The outside was not crispy, and the meat was too tough and hard.

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+ Generous portion
+ Lots of food choices
+ Delivery service

- Price went up but the quality/portion went down

Food                3.5/6.0 
Ambience        N/A
Service            N/A
Delivery time  3.0/5.0
Price                $$
*Minimum order $18 for delivery service
*Order via Just Eat  

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