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Sakura Sushi is a small Japanese-owned sushi restaurant (more suitable for take-out) located in the Brighouse Square Shopping centre, across the street from Richmond Centre. Although this place does not have the greatest ambience, the food tends to be fairly good. They use fresh ingredients and good quality fish (no Atlantic salmon here, only sockeye). It wouldn't be too bad having a quick lunch here. Lunch boxes are only $9, great deals for your buck.
CARPACCHIO WITH YUZU CITRUS DRESSING ($4.50) was the cheapest carpacchio I've ever had! Considering the price, it was alright. I was expecting the raw fish that was nicely seared outside, but it was more close to just raw fish with citrus dressing. The texture was rather chewy than soft. The dressing was okay with a nice citrus flavour. Good for appetizer.
CHIRASHI DON ($14.75) had lots of sashimi including sockeye salmon, tuna (substituted with salmon), amaebi (raw), ebi (cooked), saba, tako, hokkigai, salmon roe, ika, and tamago (2 pieces each except for amaebi and ebi). It was definitely worth the money I paid for.
NIGIRI SUSHI - CHOPPED SCALLOP ($2.00), IKA ($1.75), TAMAGO ($1.50), SOCKEYE SALMON ($2.00) AND UNI ($2.50)
They all tasted fresh but the uni was kind of mushy (the eggs were somewhat broken). The scallop was cut into big pieces which I really liked about. Besides the fish, there was too much sushi rice in one piece. Yes, it will make you full, but you can't really enjoy the taste of fish in this case. The sockeye salmon nigiri had the most sushi rice.
SAKURA ROLL ($5.75) was described as a Canadian style Futomaki. It consisted of tamago, tuna & sockeye salmon sashimi, crab meat, avocado, and cucumbers. It was just like the regular House Roll that you can get from any other places.
LUNCH BOX A came with 4 pieces of salmon and tuna sashimi (2pc each), 6 pieces of California roll, assorted tempura, green salad and miso soup. The bento looked kind of small, but regardless of that J said it was so filling. We created a Cali Carpacchio Roll by ourselves; California roll topped with left-over carpacchio LOL. It was nice, quick lunch :)

+ Great portions at cheap prices
+ Lunch boxes are great deals for your buck
+ Complimentary miso soup
+ Fresh ingredients
+ Location, right next to the Richmond-Brighouse skytrain station

- Ambience is not the best
- Small tables
- Mediocre service

Food                3.5/5.0 
Ambience        1.0/5.0
Service            1.5/5.0
Price                $
*Sakura Sushi Official Website
*Closed Sunday, Open Monday to Saturday from 11am to 7pm
*Lunch box available from 11am to 4pm 

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