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After our lovely brunch at Small Victory in Yaletown we walked over to Soft Peaks in Gastown for the second round of desserts! There was a constant flow of people into the place, but wait time wasn't too bad. Actually, the honeycomb softserve ice cream kind of fell in popularity in Korea now as there have been so many places following the trend during such a short period of time. Since I've never tried, I gave it a try regardless of its low ratings on Urbanspoon.
The interior was pretty small consisting of 2 tables on the first floor, and some more upstairs. I don't think it is a big problem when it is sunny outside, as you can still enjoy the nice weather and the honeycomb ice cream.
We all got different flavours; SALTY HIMALAYAN, HONEY COMB PEAK and GREEN FOREST
HONEY COMB PEAK (Reg $6.75) came with a basic softserve ice cream topped with a piece of local honey comb.
SALTY HIMALAYAN (Reg $6.00) was described as original peak sprinkled with Himalayan pink salt and your choice of 1 syrup (caramel, chocolate, liquid honey or organic maple syrup). The ice cream tasted sweeter with a bit of salt but it was only sprinkled on top so it tasted normal when I finished the upper half. GREEN FOREST (Reg. $6.75) came with a basic softserve ice cream topped with organic premium matcha powder, sweet red beans and condensed milk. We expected the matcha-flavoured softserve but the ice cream was just sprinkled with some powder.
Overall, the ice cream tasted just average and nothing special. I am unsure what everyone's all hyped about. I know it is a different type of ice cream compared to Earnest, but I still like the Earnest's ice cream way better. Anyways, regardless of its average taste, I was still satisfied only because I finally got to try the honeycomb ice cream (I wouldn't come back here and line up for 10 minutes to get this).

+ One and only place you can get your honeycomb ice cream in Vancouver

- Overpriced
- Nothing special about the ice cream

Food                2.0/5.0
Ambience        3.0/5.0
Service            3.5/5.0
Price                $
*Soft Peaks Official Website
*Open Wednesday to Sunday 12pm to 9pm
*Closed Monday and Tuesday

Soft Peaks Ice Cream on Urbanspoon

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