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This is a second review on Wing Kee that I am writing while eating the left-over from Wingkee at 1:30am.... It actually tastes better than when I tried earlier! 
Anyways, J and I were kind of lazy today so that we decided getting some delivery food from Wing Kee. He wanted me to decide what to order so I ended up spending more than a half hour to choose. After all, we got three dishes but only one of them satisfied our cravings for Chinese food.
SPARERIBS WITH BLACK BEAN SAUCE ON RICE ($7.50) came with lots of bell peppers and onions, similar to Wing Kee's typical Special Rice dishes. If you are a big eater, just get any of their special rice dishes that will never disappoint you in terms of portion and the amount of bell peppers you get. I don't like bell peppers, so it doesn't work for me. The dish tasted alright but not outstanding. The rice was soaked with black bean sauce, but the sauce was a bit on the lighter side than other places. There were too much bits of the bones in the dish! They were very sharp and small, so that I couldn't really see or notice before eating. (3.0/6.0) 
PORK CHOPS WITH PEPPERY SALT ($11.95) was a HUGE FAIL! It was barely edible. It was okay in terms of taste (I'm talking about the amount of salt, peppers, and seasonings they used), but the texture was very hard on the outside, and extremely dry on the inside. I had a hard time chewing enough to swallow it down. My jaw started getting hurt, I just stopped eating. I DO NOT recommend at all. They really need to work on their deep-fried dishes since I have read other people's reviews complaining about the same issue as mine - (1.0/6.0)
BRAISED BEEF BRISKET WITH LO PAK ($12.50) was one of the best dishes we had tonight. I am not saying it was soooo impressive, but it tasted better than the other two dishes mentioned above. They used a lot of dried herbs such as star anise (Ba Jiao), gui pei, and bay leaves. The dish tasted and smelled a bit strong, but I was fine since I already got used to all sorts of Chinese herbs! But if you don't like any herbs I said earlier, you might not want to get this. Beside the herbs, the braised beef tasted awesome. It was very soft, tender which was filled with rich flavours. Lo pak was a bit sour which I didn't like that much (I'm assuming they used not the fully ripen radish) - (3.5/6.0)
Overall, I felt that the food from Wing Kee was more like a hit-or-miss. If you are lucky enough, you would get a great selection of food and enjoy so much of it at cheaper prices, but if you are not, you might need to throw a half of the dishes you pay for. 

+ Generous portions at cheaper prices
+ A great selection of food
+ More "authentic" than other Westernized Chinese restaurants
+ Offer delivery service
+ Open until 3 am
+ Special rice dishes ("~ on rice") are a great deal

- Hit and miss dishes
- Not specializing in deep-fried dishes


Food                2.0/5.0
Ambience        N/A
Service            2.5/5.0
Delivery time  5.0/5.0 (Came in less than 35 mins)
Price                $

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