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Isami Sushi is located on Kingsway a few doors away from Sushi Garden. Since it is "hidden" in the corner of the block, I always passed by without noticing it. While I was looking for some good sushi restaurants in South Burnaby area, it caught my eyes on Urbanspoon. The restaurant is owned by Japanese and is serving authentic sushi and maki.
As usual, we started off with SALMON SASHIMI ($9.50 for 8 pieces). Each piece was noticeably smaller than ones from the Japanese restaurant Sushi Garden near by, but the quality was very satisfying. It had a very nice firm texture without any fishy smells.

SUSHI AND SASHIMI DINNER ($25) was meant to be for one person, but we shared it together with other items. This dinner set came with miso soup, ebi sunomono, appetizer tempura, baked filet of fish, sashimi plate, California roll and ice cream. I thought it had a decent amount of quality food to have it for nice dinner.
APPETIZER TEMPURA consisted of cucumber, egg plant, carrot and 2 pieces of prawn tempura. 
SASHIMI PLATE had 3 pieces of tuna, 2 pieces of hotate, 1 piece of hokkigai, 2 pieces of squid and 2 pieces of salmon.  They all tasted amazingly fresh. I usually don't order California itself unless it comes with a bento or lunch/dinner set. Even though it was not my favourite roll, I really liked it how they did not stuff with lots of vinegary rice. The amount of rice was just right for me and it had big pieces of avocado. The rice was seasoned very well with adequate amount of vinegar, salt and sugar!
BAKED SALMON FILET was a bit over cooked so lacked a tender texture of salmon. But the sauce on the outside was delicious. It had the perfect combination of sweet, savoury and crisp.
SEAFOOD YAKIUDON was on their daily special, yet it was pretty bad to be honest. As this one was our last dish, we were expecting a lot from the previous items. The noodle was lacking a firm texture but rather soggy. The sauce they used didn't blend well with the seafood. It tasted like too much mirin was put into the dish. Again, salmon and other chopped fish filets were over-cooked.

+ Clean and well spaced out
+ I liked how tables are separated by dividers
+ Friendly service
+ Quality sashimi
+ Well-cooked and seasoned sushi rice

- Cooked-dishes 
- The price of each nigiri sushi is not on menu

Food                3.5/5.0 
Ambience        3.5/5.0
Service            4.0/5.0
Price                $$
*Free parking at rear Metropointe parking
Isami Sushi on Urbanspoon

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