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Kalvin's Szechuen is a small family-owned restaurant that serves delicious Taiwanese/Chinese food. It was already fully-packed around 5:30 pm, so it'd be a better idea to make a reservation ahead of time. They only have big tables (except for 1 or 2 small tables) that fit about 6-9 people, and the dishes are pretty big too. I recommend to go with at least 3 or 4 people.. Not ideal for two people. 
We got PRESERVED EGGS WITH TOFU for our appetizer. It was a simple cold dish consisted of preserved eggs and tofu, topped with green onions, dried bonito flakes and hoisin sauce. It was a good start. Pretty light, and the combination of each ingredient was good. 
SPARE RIBS IN HONEY GARLIC was better than I expected. Although I like honey garlic flavour in general, I barely order in Chinese restaurant. Since my friend insisted me trying this dish here, I gave it a try and it tasted really good. The meat was soft and juicy while holding a rich flavour. The outside was crispy, not soggy at all. The sweetness didn't overwhelm the whole flavour of the dish.
BEEF AND TON CHOY IN BBQ SAUCE was really tasty with a bowl of rice together. It is oily but that is what makes this dish tastier! The beef was tender and the stem of ton choy had a nice crunchy texture. The sauce was somewhat nutty (?) which I personally liked about. This is my first time trying this dish, so I can't really compare with other restaurants, but the Chinese-food expert J said it is just the average. He said he could make a better one at home (I doubt).
FIVE SPICE BEEF IN CHINESE PANCAKE was another dish I tried for the first time on this day. It looked like a snack-size for me yet it is definitely filling... I couldn't continue eating after this.
Since the portion here is very big, the 4 dishes and 2 bowls of rice for 2 people were too much in the end.... As I mentioned earlier come here with bunch of people. You will get to try a variety of dishes :)

+ Great tasty food
+ Affordable price

- Designed for a large group of people (5+)
- Tiny space between tables

Food                4.0/5.0 
Ambience        2.0/5.0
Service            2.5/5.0
Price                $$

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