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We were planning to go to Cafe de l'Orangerie but then we saw a long line up at Penang Delight right besides. Since we were curious about this place we gave it a try. Penang Delight Cafe is a Malaysian restaurant in Marpole. It was my first time (or the second) trying "authentic" Malaysian food.

We got ROTI CANAI ($5.95) for our appetizer. I didn't like it first but started liking it after. I realized it tasted better once I chewed more enough. It was kind of addicting that I kept munching on.
KARI BEEF BRISKET ($12.95) was pretty good. It had a mix of soft beef brisket and some pieces of potatoes in red curry and coconut milk. The sauce was so buttery, oily and rich in flavour. We weren't able to finish it because it was so filling.  
We had no idea what to order because both J and I were not really familiar with Malaysian food. We  basically asked them to give us what the people sitting next to us were having. Guess they were eating NASI LEMAK RENDANG CHICKEN ($12.45). It had coconut milk rice served with sambal, ikan bills (dried anchovies), peanuts, hard boiled egg and rendang chicken. It was an interesting food combination to me although I often had anchovies and peanuts for side dish back home in Korea. After a bit of research, I realized that this is a common type of Malaysian food. 
After finished all, I didn't quite understand why this place was so popular and people were lining up for 20+ mins. Because many dishes were served in big portions we couldn't get to try a variety of food. It would be more ideal for a large group of people to come and share together. Although I can go anywhere and eat by myself, I can't imagine coming here alone. That would be really sad and I might look completely out of place (LOL)

+ Large portions, good for group of people
+ Food seemed to be authentic... although I am not a Malaysian food expert

- Service was pretty bad.. Asked 6 times to get an iced water

Food                3.5/5.0 
Ambience        2.5/5.0
Service            2.0/5.0
Price                $, $$
*Penang Delight Cafe Official Website
*Closed Tuesdays
*Open Wednesday to Monday 11am to 9:30pm
*Lunch: 11am to 2:30pm
Penang Delight Cafe 馬來檳城美食 on Urbanspoon

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