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Sura Korean BBQ Restaurant is located on the first floor of Aberdeen Centre. By reading reviews online, it seemed like their lunch/dinner set and BBQ are the popular ones. Since we wanted to try a variety of food, we ordered a mix of BBQ and other staple Korean dishes. 
BEEF TONGUE ($15) tasted alright but not the best quality I've tried so far. As the servers do not constantly take care of your meats, you need to pay attention not to overcook or burn it (3.0/6.0)
ROYAL PORK GALBI 돼지갈비 ($20) is definitely a must. The marinade was absolutely tasty and absorbed well into the meat. The meat was tender, juicy and flavourful. I would come back here for the Galbi again! (4.5/6.0)
One thing I like about the Korean cuisine is their complimentary side dishes (Banchan). Banchan at Sura included some salads, cooked radish, various kimchi, stir fried egg plants, simmered potatoes and so on. 
MUL NAENG-MYEON ($10) is one of my favourite Korean food that I enjoy on a hot summer day. Mul means water and Naeng-Myeon literally means cold noodles. It is basically a cold buckwheat noodle in an iced beef broth topped with a boiled egg, slices of beef, julienned cucumbers, and slices of radish. I always add a few drops of vinegar and spicy mustard sauce as it enhances the flavour. Mul naeng-myeon tastes really good with galbi too so if you have a chance trying their BBQ, order a bowl of mul naeng-myeon to eat with together (3.5/6.0)
We got several other dishes since the portion here is not so big. HERB PORK BELLY as known as Bossam (LARGE $28) 허브 보쌈 was really tasty. The pork belly was braised long enough to make the meat very tender while holding the full flavour. Unlike the usual Bossam, it was a bit sweeter with its unique braising sauce (5.5/6.0)
ROYAL RICE CAKES 궁중 떡볶이 ($20) is described as Royal cuisine-version of Korean ricecakes with mild soy sauce. The name is derived from the historical fact that it was enjoyed by the Kings in the Royal Court. The rice cakes were soft, moist and well-seasoned with sweet soy sauce. I personally liked how they topped the dish with some soy bean flour. I recommend it if you've only tried the regular Korean spicy rice cakes (4.5/6.0)
We finished our meal with SEAFOOD SOFT TOFU SOUP ($12) I didn't really like it as the taste was just average. I wouldn't order it from Sura when there are many other places I can get better tofu soup (3.0/6.0)
Overall, I really liked their meat dishes like bossam and galbi. I would come back to try other BBQ dishes!

+ Good quality meat
+ Good for sharing
+ Spacious interior
+ Convenient location 


- Some small dishes like tofu soup are not worth the money
- Servers constantly changed making us confused :S


Food                4.0/5.0 
Ambience        3.0/5.0
Service            3.0/5.0
Price                $$, $$$

Sura Korean BBQ Restaurant Richmond on Urbanspoon
Official Sura Korean BBQ Website 

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