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I had a bad experience at Sushi & Roll the last time I visited because of the poor sashimi quality. I didn't want to come back until recently when my friend S and I had to grab a quick dinner during a 30 min break. Since we were craving sushi and didn't have many options on campus, we decided to give Sushi & Roll another try. Surprisingly, their food noticeably got much better compared to my last visit. So, here I am writing another updated review on Sushi & Roll.
SEAFOOD SALAD ($6) was served in a big portion. There was a lot of stuff in it including assorted sashimi, smoked salmon, tamago, tobiko, crab meat, glass noodles and topped with wasabi mayonnaise dressing. I enjoyed it quite a lot. It was a good start! 
Then we got a LOVE BOAT ($25.95) which comes with assorted sashimi (as shown above), nigiri sushi, sushi rolls, orange and miso soup. The sashimi was pretty good on this day. Both S and I don't like Tako and Tai, so we didn't even try them, but the rest of them were fresh and tasty.
After sashimi, we got our second boat! It consisted of 2 ebi, 2 toro, 2 salmon, 1 tobiko, 1 chopped scallop nigiri, California roll and salmon roll. The sushi rice in each piece is too much.. but not a big deal... 

This is SALMON SASHIMI we got on another day. The quality got way better than the last visit (3.5/6.0)
TORO NIGIRI as my regular item to check the sashimi and sushi rice quality of the restaurants :P (3.5/6.0)
SPICY CHOPPED SCALLOP ROLL was a bit miss. It didn't taste bad or anything. It wasn't my type of food. I'd like a regular chopped scallop roll better.

+ Spacious
+ Food served very quick
+ Convenient location
+ Cheap, affordable price

- Food quality is not really consistent (Cross your fingers before visit)

Food                3.5/6.0 
Ambience        3.0/6.0
Service            4.5/6.0
Price                $

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