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When my friends ask me what food I want to eat I answer "as usual." It basically means I want sushi with lots of salmon sashimi. We wanted to try new sushi restaurants in Vancouver so I suggested Hitoe Sushi as it has a 91% rating on Urbanspoon. Unexpectedly it happens to be a fairly small restaurant that does not even serve alcohol. We were disappointed because sashimi pairing with sake has been our typical Friday sushi night.

We ordered 2 orders of SALMON SASHIMI ($7.95 for 5 pieces). It tasted really fresh with nice firm texture. 3 pieces for myself wasn't enough so we ordered 2 more orders. 
What I really didn't like about this restaurant was their s-l-o-w service. So slow that we all lost our appetite pretty much. In order to get our SUSHI COMBO B ($20.95), we waited for 35 minutes. It was pretty bad especially when the tables were not even full. But luckily, sushi tasted amazingly good and fresh. It had 9 different nigiri sushi including tuna, sockeye salmon, ebi, tamago, unagi, farmed salmon, tobiko, uni, ikura. Two rolls included in this combo were salmon and tuna rolls. My friends were surprised about the fact that simple salmon and tuna rolls could be really good.
I need to mention about our server at this point because just before getting our next dish we noticed they had takoyaki available on that night although our server informed us they did not have it anymore as they changed the menu. She even checked her own little menu after. We were so confused when she said it because we saw their special takoyaki menu on the wall. Not only that, she put our order at the wrong table so that our food went to another table right next to us. Gladly she got off work during our meal so another waitress took care of our table from then on. Anyways, after another 10 min or so, we got our EEEEEEELLL ROLL ($11.95). Here is a story how we got this roll: when we asked for any recommendations, our server answered "our special rolls are special." Yup, that's how we ended up choosing one of their special rolls, EEEEEEELLL ROLL. It was a bit disappointing as there wasn't much of unagi unlike the name suggests. There was more avocado than anything else. The roll came with some seaweed salad in the middle and the roll itself consisted of imitation crab, prawn tempura, cucumbers, wrapped with avocado, unagi, and topped with masago, teri sauce and mayo. We all agreed it tasted more like a Dynamite Roll as unagi didn't give a strong flavour.
We waited for another 10 to 15 mins to get this salmon sashimi again. At this point, I wanted to cancel it and just wanted to pay the bill. Every food came too slow breaking the flow of our dinner. Moreover, the second order of salmon sashimi was pretty bad. The sashimi was cut into inconsistent sizes and the texture was really mushy, tasting not fresh either. From this point, I didn't like here anymore.
Our last dish, their today's special menuGRILLED HAMACHI KAMA was very special only because it took more than an hour to come to our table. Seriously, they need more staffs in the kitchen or maybe more stoves. Tasted alright but definitely not worth our time. 
I will give them extra one point for giving us Pocky. Overall, everything was so slow ruining the flow and appetite. Inconsistent sashimi quality, poorly-trained server who doesn't even know whether they have takoyaki or not. Even if they had the best sushi in town, I would never come back. 

+ Good quality ingredients
+ Well-portioned
+ Authentic Japanese food
+ Pocky

- No alcohol (well, good for family with kids)
- Slow kitchen/sushi bar
- Poorly-trained server
- Inconsistent sashimi quality

Food           3.5/5.0
Ambience   2.5/5.0
Service       0.5/5.0 
Price           $$

Address: 3347 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver, BC (Kitsilano)
Phone: 778-371-4619

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