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My favourite foodies and I visited here after reading a Vancity Buzz post about Malt & MarrowMalt & Marrow is one of the newest restaurants located on Hamilton Street in Yaletown, 3 minutes away from Yaletown-Roundhouse Station. They serve West coast cuisine inspired from German and Northern European comfort food. They claim they make everything in-house, and use local, sustainable ingredients. 
As soon as we arrived, we went ahead to sit on the patio as they have a nice outdoor seating. It was a perfect decision especially on a sunny day with the nice warm breeze.
For our sharable appetizers, we got PRESERVED CAESAR and MARROW.
PRESERVED CAESAR ($11) had grilled romaine, fried capers, preserved lemon topped with shaved parmesan and emulsified citrus dressing. Because the romaine lettuce was not chopped, you need to use a knife to cut the salad. It was an interesting dish but I'm not sure if I really enjoyed it over the regular caesar salad I've tried so far. 
MARROW ($15) was a huge disappointment not that I didn't like their way of cooking, but more like I didn't like the roasted bone marrow's texture and flavour. It had the fatty gelatinous texture and it was overwhelmingly fatty (to the point where I found it gross) to be considered as a fresh appetizer. I've tried a raw marrow before (some special Korean restaurants serve them raw) and I thought it tasted better when it was raw instead. Aside from the bone marrow, the salad and pickled veggies were good to have as a way of cutting through the thick fattiness and wash it down my throat. But still, I didn't find this dish tasty.  
I originally ordered the Grilled Pacific Salmon which was one of their shareable dishes, but the server got me a GRILLED SALMON ($18). I actually didn't notice it until now.... Anyways, it came with chick pea salad, tomato relish and spiced yogurt. It tasted just the average (2.5/3.0). Not too bad, not too good.

BEEF CHEEK BURGER ($18) had the slow cooked beef cheek that was similar to pulled-pork in terms of texture except for its strong smoky flavour. The beef consisted of cured bacon, smoked cheddar, onions, tomato, lettuce, bone marrow aioli and fries on the side. The portion was pretty big and enough to satisfy your hunger. My friend L gave it a 3.5/5.0. 
ROASTED DUCK ($25) came with chorizo, goat cheese perogies and caramelized onion puree. The meat was was fully cooked on the outside giving a crispy texture while it had a softer texture on the inside. It held the juiciness in meat nicely, and blended well with the caramelized onion puree. 
PORK SCHNITZEL ($22) consisted of pretzel spaetzle, kraut slaw and grainy mustard crème fraîche. It is a German dish which is similar to the French dish escalope. A thin boneless pork was coated with flour and bread crumbs and then deep-fried. I personally liked this dish as I thought the mustard crème fraîche blended very well with the schnitzel. But my friend gave it a 2.5/3.0 regardless.
Overall, the food was alright but it didn't meet our high expectation. The presentation, service and ambience were above the average in general (which makes sense as this is the newest restaurant in "Yaletown") but the food wowed none of us. I wouldn't come back here as I can find better places close by, unless my favourite person wants to try their happy hour.


+ Ambience
+ Presentation of food
+ Service
+ Nice outdoor seating
+ Easy to get to by transit


- Their dishes aren't really special in terms of taste
- A lack of food selection


Food                2.5/5.0
Ambience        4.0/5.0
Service            4.5/5.0
Price                $$, $$$
Official Malt & Marrow Website
*Monday Closed
*Late Night:
Friday-Saturday 930pm-12am
Tuesday-Thursday&Sunday 930pm-1030pm
*Happy Hour:
Tuesday-Sunday 3-6pm

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