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After our dinner at Malt and Marrow in Yaletown, we walked down to Gastown to finish our meal with some nice desserts from Mosquito. It is a small, upscale dessert restaurant that serves sweet/non-sweet desserts, wine, champagne cocktails spirits and beers as well. The atmosphere was quite something. The dark blue and gold decors looked beautiful in low lighting. Although the name itself wasn't really appealing to me, I fell in love with their interiors. It would be the perfect place to end the lovely dating night. They have kind of happy hour during 5pm to 8pm although it is not exactly what it called: the dessert tapas. It is $15 for 3 dishes of your choice from the dessert tapa list, or $6 for one of the items on the list. As the name "tapa" indicates, these dishes are very tiny, similar to tasting plates so that a single person can easily finish 3 items. We had two rounds of Dessert Tapas. Our first choice was as follows: (sorry for the bad quality pictures!!)
From the right: FROZEN COCONUT SNOWBALL, PISTACHIO ICE CREAM, DARK CHOCOLATE MOUSSE. FROZEN COCONUT SNOWBALL consisted of rich-flavoured coconut ice cream on a bed of the slow roasted passion fruit pineapple with sprinkles of shies (perilla) on the side. It was smaller than the regular sized scoop of ice cream I used to have, but still it tasted amazingly good. I really enjoyed the rich, natural, coconuty flavour as soon as I tasted. I am not so sure if perilla was a good choice to accompany the coconut flavour, but it was somewhat interesting combination. PISTACHIO ICE CREAM is definitely my favourite ice cream flavour. It consisted of pistachio ice cream, of course, with cubes of pistachio genoa sponge (Genoise: an Italian sponge cake), caramelized puff pastry, white chocolate and lemon yoghurt mousseline and pomegranate pearls. I tasted a pistachio-enriched flavour with some soft spongy breads, and then a lot of different sweet and sour flavour kicked in from the white chocolate and lemon yogurt mousseline. DARK CHOCOLATE MOUSSE is described as olive oil, some paprika, vanilla salt, and sourdough bread crostini (in Italian meaning little toasts made by slicing bread very thin, and then toasting it until it becomes crisp. Usually used as the base for appetizers). I don't recall any smoked paprika flavours while eating it but I still loved how chocolate mousse had a deep, dark, enriching chocolate flavour. It went perfectly with sourdough bread crostini. As a whole, it gave an interesting texture as the mousse was very soft while the toasts were crunchy and crispy.
CARAMELIZED BANANA was one of our choices for our second round. It consisted of caramelized banana, vanilla cream, sesame nougatine, lemon curd, coconut mousse, balsamic vinegar reduction. Sesame nougatine reminded me of some Asian (or Korean) sweet snacks I used to have when I was young. It was basically toasted sesame seeds cooked with cane sugar and seal salt creating a crunchy nougatine. Again, they created extremely different kinds of textures within one dish, by combining crunchy nougatine with ice cream and caramelized banana.
This is the CASSIS POACHED PEAR consisting of chestnut cream, buttery shortbread, gianduja (in Italian, a sweet chocolate spread containing 30% hazelnut paste), candy cap mushroom anglaise (in French, a light pouring custard used as a dessert cream). I can say, this one was everyone's favourite except for me.
And this was our last dessert, the ALMOND CREAM SOUP which consisted of pear sorbet, champagne jelly, almond oil, brioche crouton (crunchy sweet caramel toast crust cubes) and crushed macron almonds. This was everyone's least-favourite.
Overall, it was a great experience trying different types of desserts that I never tried before. I wouldn't say this place had the best desserts in town in terms of taste (although everyone but me really loved their food), but they definitely have more creative desserts than other places.  If you are in downtown wanting to have some special desserts I recommend this place. This may not become your regular dessert place to go on a daily basis, but can be a good alternative to end your romantic date night with.
Dessert Tapa menu
+ Calm, high-end atmosphere
+ Friendly service
+ New types of desserts I haven't experienced before
+ Good quality ingredients
+ Lots of cares for each dish

- Limited choices
- Parking
- Can be small for a large group of people

Food            3.5/5.0
Ambience   4.5/5.0
Service        4.0/5.0
Price            $$

Official Mosquito Website
Address: 32 Water Street, Vancouver, BC (Gastown)
Phone: 604-398-3188

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