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RB Sushi has three locations in San Diego including Rancho Bernado, College Area and Hillcrest. Among the three, it seemed like Bernado one is the most popular one so we gave it a try for our dinner. Unlike other AYCE sushi restaurants, the quality of sushi here is decent and there is a variety of special rolls available you can choose. Keep it mind that the special roll is served in a full size so that you might don't want to order too much. In the end, two of us finished 60 nigiri sushi and 4 special rolls, but it was only possible because we are big eaters.

We got HOUSE SALAD, SASHIMI SALAD and SEAWEED SALAD for our appetizers. They all tasted really good with flavourful salad dressing. While sashimi salad had light sesame dressing, house salad came with vinaigrette orange dressing. 
We were starving by the time we arrived so we ordered a lot for our first round. One order of sushi contains 2 pieces. We probably had 40 pieces of nigiri for a start. Yea.. we eat a lot. Our favourite was ESCOLAR and UNI NIGIRI SUSHI. You get to have only one order of Uni since it is pricey. But as they have regular menu as well, you can add some more if you want. The quality was pretty decent but it was not consistent as 2 pieces were somewhat overly mushy containing broken eggs.
As Kim insisted we got a DYNAMITE ROLL. It was completely different that I used to have in Vancouver. Instead of having prawn tempura, avocado and cucumbers only, the "American" version of dynamite roll had crab meat, cucumbers and avocado inside, topped with masago and baked assorted sashimi. The unagi sauce and mayo on top gave a full flavovur. We loved it so much! My friend Kim really liked how the roll had big chunks of baked sashimi on top while other places have smaller pieces only.
For our second roll, we got a VOLCANO ROLL. The regular price of this roll is $13.95 so it's worth ordering if you are having AYCE. It had crab meat, cucumber and avocado inside, and topped with baked albacore tuna and salmon. Garnished with bonito flakes. It had the same unagi sauce as the Dynamite roll.
While having a break [from the rolls] we ordered some more sushi. We got our favourite Escolar and Hamachi (or yellowtail). Escolar nigiri is already sauced in a light sweet soy sauce with a drop of sriracha sauce on top, so you might want to skip the extra soy sauce and wasabi.
I wanted to try their kitchen food so we got FRIED CALAMARI and KRAB CHEESE PUFF.
One order of BAKED GREEN MUSSELS had 3 pieces. We didn't like it as the mussels were very tough. Also the mussels were not cleaned throughly so that there were several bits of shells.
DA BOMB had prawn tempura, spicy tuna, avocado and cucumber inside, and topped with baked crab, baked scallop, jalapeno and some sriracha sauce.
UFO ROLL had prawn tempura, crab meat, avocado and cucumber as a base roll, and then topped with salmon, seared tuna, eel and shredded potato crunch.
We finished all the sushi and rolls, and finally we got our final order: SPICY [CHOPPED] SCALLOP, TAMAGO and ESCOLAR NIGIRI SUSHI! 
We probably end up spending over $250 if we ordered from the regular menu. Overall, we both were very satisfied with their food in terms of quality and taste. Our server was extremely courteous and kind as well! We tipped around 25-30% since we ate way too much than other people.

+ Decent food, quality sushi
+ A variety of tasty special rolls
+ Very affordable price
+ Service was good too!

- Some kitchen dishes need some improvements
- The sushi rice was somewhat sticky but it was bearable. 

Food                3.5/5.0
Ambience        3.0/5.0
Service            4.5/5.0
Price                $, $$
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