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While I was doing my nails in Yaletown, my nail technician informed me about Sushiville saying their food is pretty decent. I was curious and walked down there to try it out. It is a tiny Korean-owned Japanese restaurant (or just a hole in the wall) that probably has about 8-10 tables. The place was way too small and compact that the waitresses kept hitting my chair as running around. Unlike the tiny size of the place, their menu was gigantic covering a half of my table which I found it funny.

SALMON SASHIMI 7 PIECES ($8.95) wasn't too bad but I wish they thaw it a bit longer as I had some frozen parts of the salmon. But at the same time, I liked how they gave me the part close to belly as it had softer texture and richer flavour. 
TORO NIGIRI ($1.75): The sushi rice was hard and tasteless. It seemed to be undercooked so that the rice couldn't absorb its seasoning enough which made it less tasty. In terms of toro itself, it was pretty good. I didn't eat the rice of the second piece as it disturbed the soft texture of toro. 
SALON AVOCADO ROLL ($3.95): To be honest, there isn't so much to describe about this roll as it is considered as a basic roll. They put a decent amount of salmon and avocado which I liked about, but again the rice was pretty bad. 
By far this is the cheapest Japanese restaurant I've ever been to but still managed to give me decent quality food (except for the sushi rice part). If you happen to be in Yaletown craving sushi AND you are on a budget, I recommend. Otherwise, there are tons of fabulous restaurants nearby as you already know. Would I come back? Well, if the above case is mine. 

+ Very cheap
+ Huge portion
+ Decent quality fish, and nicely-cut rolls.
+ Like their wooden plates
+ Ideal for take-out or delivery


- Bad sushi rice (maybe only about today..?)


Food                2.0/5.0
Ambience        1.0/5.0
Service            3.0/5.0
Price                $

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