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I've been waiting for this time since I heard about Chewy Junior opening near SFU Harbour Centre. Finally, the day has come. I met these little cream puffs. They absolutely looked delicious but.. I wasn't too impressed with the taste. So here are the ones I tried.
Right after my sushi lunch at Momo Sushi I went to Chewy Junior without any hesitation. I ordered three puffs including Blueberry Cheese, Matcha Nippon, and Almond Sweetheart. 
ALMOND SWEETHEART was filled with the vanilla cream, topped with sugar icing coated with almond flakes. It was very chewy on the outside and soft (somewhat soggy though) and creamy on the inside. There was so much cream inside making it hard to eat it without making a mess. I am not a big fan of chewy buns so I didn't really enjoy its unique chewy texture of buns. Also, the cream itself was not as sweet as I expected...
BLUEBERRY CHEESE was basically the cream puff topped with blueberry and vanilla frosting.
MATCHA NIPPON had enough matcha-flavoured filling, but not as much as the regular ones, and topped with matcha-flavoured icing. This one also had a subtle sweet taste. Also, the texture is the biggest factor for me whether I like or dislike certain foods. If you like very soft, melting-in-the-mouth type of desserts, you wouldn't really enjoy their puffs. Otherwise, I am pretty sure you would come back to try more flavours!

+ Cute cream puffs
+ Lots of fillings
+ Bonus for the fact they carry matcha-flavoured ones!

- Wish they had more flavours!

Food            3.0/5.0
Ambience   1.5/5.0
Service        2.0/5.0
Price            $

Address: 508 West Cordova, Vancouver, BC
Hours of Operation: 
Monday - Friday 10am-6pm
Saturday 10am-4:30pm
Sunday & Holidays Closed

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