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I've been to Momo Sushi (on 375 Water Street) many times when I had classes in downtown, but never reviewed on it since my food selection was very limited. I always had salmon sashimi and chirashi don only. A few days ago I tried something else other than chirashi don so decided to write a short review on it (Although I still had salmon sashimi).
SALMON SASHIMI ($9.95) and CALIFORNIA ROLL. I already had lunch that day, so I ordered something I considered "light." The sashimi was not the best quality but it was still better than the most of small-sized Japanese take-out places.
Last semester, I had a CHIRASHI DON ($10.50) for my lunch almost every Tuesday. Trust me, you won't regret getting this dish. For 10 bucks, you won't have this kind of quality chirashi don in Gastown. It consisted of salmon (2pcs), tuna (2pcs), tamago (2pc), toro (1pc), sockeye salmon (1pc), hokkigai (1pc), ebi (1pc), tai (1pc), tako (1pc), chopped scallop, spicy tuna, and seaweed salad with tobiko.
It's the same chirashi don except I substituted tuna for salmon.
This is the latest lunch I had on Monday. I went there around 2:30 pm when the place was not crowded. I could tell they took care in presentation better than the last time. SALMON SASHIMI ($9.95) was cut in thick pieces and served on a bed of ice. They also gave some seaweed salad on the side.
As I needed some carbs I ordered a DOUBLE SPICY ROLL ($5.95) and TORO NIGIRI SUSHI ($2/each). The roll consisted of cucumber, avocado, spicy salmon inside and topped with spicy crab meat, tempura bits, onion, wasabi mayo and unagi sauce. They let you choose either spicy salmon or spicy tuna. It was pretty decent for the price. Not at all stingy on the portion and great quality food.
Momo Sushi is a great place to have quick bites during lunch time as their food comes fast and its generous portion satisfies your hunger.

+ Generous portion
+ Sashimi quality is pretty good considering its cheap prices
+ Great combo and bento box selection
+ Food comes pretty fast
+ Good for quick bites

- Not for ambience
- The sushi rice is not the greatest quality

Food           3.0/5.0
Ambience   2.0/5.0
Service       2.5/5.0
Price           $

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