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There are three significant Korean-owned Japanese restaurants in Vancouver: Sushi California, Sushi Garden and Sushi Town. They are somewhat connected (from what I've heard), thus sharing a lot of things in common. Their menu is almost the same so the price is. Above of all, they give you huge chunks of sashimi. Sometimes the sashimi is so fresh that I'm really impressed, but sometimes I can't even finish a half because the quality is way too bad. So, these places are a bit hit-and-miss. But anyways, the review I am writing about is the day I had a really great experience.
Awesome Roll ($7.95) is my favourite roll after the Alaska Roll. It consisted of crab meat, cucumber, avocado, mayo, masago inside, and topped with salmon, green onion, masago and bonito. I know this roll is more about its sauce as the sauce covers everything else, but I have to admit it tastes good regardless.
To be honest, if you want the quality, don't get the  Spicy Salmon Sashimi ($8.95). They would more likely use less fresh sashimi for the "spicy sashimi" dishes. When I want the good quality as well as the spiciness, I simply order the regular sashimi and ask for the spicy sauce. Problem solved.
Salmon Sashimi ($8.95 for 9 pcs) was so good on this day. I loved the way that sashimi was cut. It had evenly-think and consistently-sized slices. Yes, each piece is larger than what it's supposed to be, but I still loved it!
Prawn Tempura ($7.95 for 6 pcs) and Spicy Salmon Sashimi. 
Double Dragon Roll ($7.95) was pretty good as well. It consisted of avocado, cucumber, unagi, mayo on the inside and topped with avocado, unagi and masago.
After renovation, I felt they were trying to be like Earls' but more like in a casual way. The ambience got way better than before, but needs some improvement in service and quality. If you are looking for some Cheap Sushi, Sushi Town definitely on your list.

+ Large portions at cheaper prices
+ Decent quality

- Food is hit-and-miss
- Service tends to be poor
- A lack of parking spots
- Waiting can be pretty bad 

Food           3.0/5.0
Ambience  3.0/5.0
Service       2.0/5.0
Price           $

Address: Creekside Plaza, 2773 Barnet Highway, Coquitlam, BC
Phone: 604-552-6156, 604-945-6156
Hours of Operation: 
Monday-Sunday 11:30am-10pm
Sunday 12pm-9:30pm

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