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I found this place in Super Sushi collection on Zomato and their nice interior decor really caught my eyes. I didn't hesitate a second to make a reservation. It is located on Main Street between E 14th and 15th Avenue. When you see JJ Beans, you know you are close by. They have a nice outdoor seating so it is a good idea to enjoy your meal outside on a sunny day (only if you don't mind the cars passing by). I personally don't like to eat at patio close to road, so we sat inside. They have good combination of small and big tables, good enough for a large group of people as well. 
While ordering I realized our server was not knowledgeable about food at all. When asked how many pieces were in Chef Special Sashimi she said 7 instead of 16. She had to go back and forth to answer my simple questions. 
I asked her to bring us sashimi first and confirmed with her twice, but then we got our SALMON CARPACCIO first. Since the carpaccio is considered as an appetizer I didn't mind it that much.

It "looked" really delicious, but it was nothing more than just smoked salmon with some sprouts and onions. I personally don't like smoked salmon, so I wished they highlighted smoked salmon on the menu.
After carpaccio, I expected getting our sashimi, but we got our AGEDASHI MOCHI ($4.5) AND TAKOYAKI.

Takoyaki was very disappointing. Again, it looked delicious but it was very hard (not crispy) on the outside while it seemed uncooked on the inside. J's favourite Japanese dish is takoyaki, but he hated this one so much, he had only one of them. 
Agedashi mochi is a simple Japanese appetizer which is basically a deep-fried gooey, sticky ball of rice cake. It didn't taste good to me although J found it tastier than takoyaki. 
Finally we got our CHEF'S CHOICE ASSORTED SASHIMI ($24 for large) which consisted of sockeye salmon (3pcs), red tuna (3pcs), toro (2pcs), hamachi (2pcs), hotate (2pcs), ika (2pcs), amaebi (2pcs). It was visually appealing, yet most of pieces lacked flavours except for the sockeye salmon.
I gave up at this point but just wished the rolls tasted okay. ZIPANG ROLL ($6.8) was alright but there was nothing special about it. It had chopped scallop, sockeye salmon, cucumbers, avocado, wrapped in soy bean paper and topped with tobiko.
SALMON OSHIZUSHI ($11.8) tasted nothing like what it was supposed to be. There was too much rice yet having only small pieces of salmon in it reminding of AYCE sushi. I couldn't taste salmon at all so that I had to remove a half of the sushi rice. Even worse, the cream sauce didn't go well with the sushi.
Overall, it was very disappointing dinner and felt bad that I dragged J to come here with me. I still don't understand why it is listed on Zomato's Super Sushi collection. Should I give it another try? I don't think I want to... The whole experience at Zipang Provisions was definitely not worth $80+.

+ Nice interior
+ Outdoor seating
+ Good presentation

- Food is tasteless
- Sashimi lacks quality and flavours
- Too much rice in rolls
- I'd prefer the street takoyaki over Zipang's
- Unknowledgeable server

Food          2.0/5.0
Ambience  4.0/5.0
Service      2.0/5.0
Price          $$

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