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Hanami Sushi is a Japanese/Dim Sum restaurant located at YVR (on level 3 just before security). This is my first time visiting the place that serves both sushi and dim sum. I remember I tried some sushi here 3 years ago, and it was really a bad experience, so I insisted not to go here but my mom really wanted to have sushi before going back to Korea (no wonder I love sushi...). So.. I gave it another try.

My mom got a sushi bento box which had the 3 pieces of pan-fried gyoza, California Roll, 3 pieces of salmon sashimi and assorted tempura. The bento was okay compared to other dishes we ordered.
My dad wanted some Korean spicy soup but instead, the Tempura Udon was the only choice for him. The size was pretty big making one person easily full. He told me the soup didn't have any rich flavours but filled with MSG. He only had a bite and didn't eat at all.. There was no fresh taste nor fresh ingredients.
I planned to take my parents to some famous dim sum restaurants in Richmond, but it didn't really work out. So, when I figured out Hanami Sushi offered dim sum, I thought it was a good chance letting my parents try dim sum before leaving to Korea.
I wasn't so sure whether their dim sum is really good, so ordered only 3 dishes. Eggplant Filled with Shrimp Paste was alright and I liked it better than anything else. My parents didn't like it regardless. And obviously, this one is not as good as the ones I've been to in Richmond.
They had the worst Rice Noodle Rolls with Prawns I've ever tried...  It looks just fine and the same as other places, but not really... The Rice Rolls seemed like overcooked making the texture really soggy and not appetizing.. The rolls couldn't hold the shrimps inside.
Steamed Rice Dumplings with Prawns (Har Gow) were a bit better than the rice noodle rolls, but I was still disappointed. I missed that sweetness and juiciness you could find only in Har Gow. 

Last word: I would never return here. 
Tips: Get a burger at Wendy's 

+ Closest restaurant from the gate

- Food is not tasty
- Is this a Japanese or Chinese restaurant? An East Asian restaurant?.. 

Food          1.5/5.0
Ambience  3.0/5.0
Service      3.5/5.0
Price          $$

Address: 3211 Grant McConachie Way, Richmond, Vancouver International Airport (Before Security, International Level 3)
Phone number: 604-821-9932

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