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Although Jejudo has some Japanese food including sushi, tempura, udon and so on, I find this place is more like a Korean restaurant (Hoe-Jib, 횟집). They have unique seafood dishes you can't find from any other Japanese restaurants. Commonly, the Hoe-Jib serves a variety of fresh raw fish (hirame is one of the most popular ones) along with the fish soup made out of the fish bones. 
I came here with 4 other people and everyone was asking me to choose what to order.... while saying nothing about what they want...  So much pressure! No one helped me so I just ordered whatever I wanted and even substituted tuna sashimi (which I don't like) for my favourite salmon sashimi! hahaha
Assorted Sashimi for 3-4 people ($46.00) came with salmon, tuna (substituted for salmon), sockeye salmon, salmon belly, toro, hamachi, ika with tobiko, shrimp, hokkigai, tako, hirame, tako wasabi and fresh oysters. The sashimi was pretty fresh and the selection was good too. There were about 11 to 12 different kinds of sashimi. Jejudo's Assorted Sashimi is definitely worth the price. Yet, the more expensive sashimi (hamachi, toro, salmon belly, sockeye salmon) were cut into smaller pieces, which was a bit disappointing. 
We also got a Jeju Combo C for 4 people ($52.00) which came with octopus soup, assorted sashimi, marinated raw crabs with soy sauce, bbq short ribs and 4 bowls of rice.
 Marinated Raw Crabs with Soy Sauce (Jeju Combo C)
Assorted Sashimi (Jeju Combo C) had tako (octopus), hokkigai (surf clams), shrimps, tuna, sockeye salmon, salmon, and salmon belly.
BBQ Short Ribs
Octopus Soup was pretty decent. It had a good amount of veggies and seafood.
In the end of the meal, they gave us complimentary Spicy Sashimi Noodle (Hoe Guksu)! It was very fresh, refreshing and tasty. It was not too spicy because the sauce had some sweet and sour flavours. Hoe Guksu is not really easy to find here in Vancouver, so you might want to try this dish especially if you like Korean cold noodles (naeng-myeon).

+ Affordable prices
+ Their combos are good value for money 
+ Liked Spicy Sashimi Noodle
+ They have some rare food that I can't find somwhere else.

- Inconsistent sashimi size

Food          3.0/5.0
Ambience  3.0/5.0
Service      3.5/5.0
Price          $, $$

Address: North Road Centre, 220-4501 North Road, Burnaby
Phone number: 604-558-3088
Hours of Operation:
Monday-Saturday 11am-11pm
Sunday 12am-930pm

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