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Starving and craving sushi at night is something that happens to me very frequently. This time it was too late that I couldn't get sushi delivered to my place. So, for my second option, I visited Kingsway Sushi which is only a few minutes away from my house.

I started off with some Salmon Nigiri. I ordered 10 pieces but they gave me only 6 pieces. It wasn't the issue because the quality seemed to be not so great. The colour was dull light orange and lacking flavours in terms of taste. There wasn't much rice in it compared to other AYCE sushi places (2.0/5.0).
House Roll consisted of salmon, avocado, tamago, crab stick and lettuce topped with tobiko. It was alright considering AYCE quality, but far below the average (2.0/5.0). Spicy Cheesy Dynamite Roll was supposed to take 10 minutes but it literally took less than 2 mins. It was a bit cold and the cheese wasn't melting. It consisted of avocado, prawn tempura with some spicy sauce, and topped with cheese slice. I was disappointed by its appearance but actually I liked it more than their House Roll (2.5/5.0).
Oyster Motoyaki was served very hot and it seemed to be freshly made. However, it had some fishy ordour (1.0/5.0).
Deep Fried Scallop was disappointing - overcooked, tasted more like burnt batter than anything else. (1.0/5.0). Deep Fried Shrimp Bomb was pretty good. It was like deep-fried wonton. It had the shrimp paste on the inside and covered with the deep-fried dumpling skin. The sauce blended well with the shrimp bomb (2.5/5.0).
BBQ Short Ribs were pretty good although it was on the saltier side. The meat was tender and moist. The marinate was absorbed nicely as well (3.5/5.0).
Chicken Karaage was pretty good too. It was really crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. I could tell that it was freshly made upon my order. I felt it was a bit salty for my liking. But still it was way better than other cooked dishes (3.5/5.0).
BBQ Chicken Wing - couldn't stand the hair on the skin. 
I am not a big fan of tuna unless it's white or red tuna. Since I need some rice to balance the amount of salt i consumed I ordered some Tuna Nigiri. Surprisingly their tuna was better than the salmon (3.0/5.0).
I thought their sashimi shouldn't be that bad after having tuna nigiri, so I ordered 2 pieces of Hamachi Sashimi ($0.80/each). It was my first time getting sashimi in a bowl. The sashimi was too tiny but that was alright since it was only 80 cents. In terms of taste it wasn't the best obviously. It wasn't defrosted enough so the texture was pretty bad (2.0/5.0).
Alaska Roll consisted of crab meat, avocado and salmon. The salmon used in this roll was actually better than the ones on salmon nigiri (2.5/5.0). Chopped Scallop Roll was way too fishy to the point where I felt disgusted (0.5/5.0).
Ebi Sunomono was pretty bad. It was way too sweet and vinegary (0.5/5.0).
I was kind of adventurous when I was ordering and.. got some Kimchi...  It was sweet and spicy. Umm.... not toooooo bad. But I don't wanna have it again in my life (1.0/5.0).
Honey Mustard Chicken looked very unappetizing but it tasted pretty good. It was more like chicken katsu with garlic honey mustard sauce on top. At this point I realized most of their deep fried meat dishes are pretty good (3.5/5.0).
Garlic Butter Seafood Udon was tasteless (0.5/5.0).
Overall, some cooked dishes were fair enough for its cheap prices. Yet, the Kingsway "Sushi" doesn't offer good sushi. If you are starving at night and want to eat some meat as much as you want, give it a try. $15 wouldn't be too bad. But be aware that you don't get good service here. This place is not an option for you if you look for good quality AYCE sushi. Vancouver needs some premium seafood buffets!

+ Open until late
+ Cooked dishes are considered good

- Below average quality - sashimi and sushi
- Bad and rude service - please don't throw dishes on my table..

Food  2.0/5.0
Ambience  2.0/5.0
Service  0.5/5.0
Price  $

Address: 3665 Kingsway, Vancouver
Phone Number: 604-433-6388
Hours of Operation:
Sunday to Thursday 11:30am-2:30pm & 5:30pm-11pm
Friday to Saturday 11:30am-2:30pm & 5:30pm-midnight

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