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Kishimoto is a famous Japanese restaurant on Commercial Drive. I've heard a lot of good things about this place. Many people agreed that Kishimoto serves the best oshisushi in town. For Friday dinner, J and I visited this place and understood the hype behind Kishimoto. 
Because Chicken Karaage ($6.95) is a type of strongly flavoured cooked dish, I ate it after finishing all my raw fish. It was sitting on the table a bit long, but still tasty. I loved their sweet garlic sauce. It somewhat tasted like the Korean soy-based sweet garlic fried chicken I used to have. One thing I didn't like was the overcooked edge of the meat and batter. The middle part of the meat was completely fine, but the edge was very tough and dry (3.5/5.0).
I loved Kishimoto's delicate presentation of food. Sashimi was placed very nicely on a block of ice with thinly sliced radish sheet. 
5 Kinds of Sashimi ($22) had 2 pieces of hamachi, sockeye salmon, tuna, seared scallop and hirame. Everything was amazingly fresh and cut nicely. Scallop bursted a bit of sweetness when I had a bite, and it didn't taste fishy at all. Tuna was very rich in its flavour. I felt like they used the part near the belly as it tasted more buttery and fatty than the regular ones I've tried. Hamachi was absolutely my favourite. It had a nice burgundy colour on the surface pretty much describing its freshness (4.5/5.0).
Ahi Avocado ($12.75) consisted of avocado wrapped with ahi tuna and topped with yuzu miso sauce. It was my type of food! I can't describe enough how much I loved it. I thought this can be good a good appetizer as well (4.5/5.0).
Of course we didn't forget to order Kishimoto's famous oshisushi! We got both Salmon Oshisushi ($12.95) and Unagi Oshisushi ($12.95). The cream sauce used for both rolls tasted amazingly good. The unagi oshisushi had a stronger flavour because of the unagi sauce.
I finally understood why people were praising their oshisushi - Perfectly cooked sushi rice with a hint of vinegar and soft melting-in-the-mouth seared salmon with cream sauce. You can get this yummiest oshisushi at very affordable price (4.5/5.0)
Overall, it was a very pleasant dining experience we haven't had such good sushi for a long time and were very happy to visit here. 

+ Amazingly tasty sushi
+ Fresh sashimi
+ Delicate presentation
+ Friendly service

- One washroom
- Not a variety of beer selection (only small bottles available for 5, 6 kinds)
- No big tables for a large group

Food  4.5/5.0
Ambience  3.5/5.0
Service  4.0/5.0
Price  $$

Address: 2054 Commercial Drive, Vancouver
Phone Number: 604-255-5550
Hours of Operation:
Monday Closed
Tuesday to Thursday 5pm-930pm
Friday to Sunday 1130am-230pm, 5pm-930pm

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