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My friends and I were wandering around in Chinatown to look for really good hidden-gems. For our first try we went to Phnom Penh but the one hour wait time was too much for starving foodies, so we went ahead to Kobob which was just closed when we arrived - people were still eating inside amazing-looking rice burgers. So.. here we are at Pizzeria Farina. I've mentioned several times that I don't like pizza that much, but I am liking pizza more and more these days! I guess I love pizza from non-franchised pizza restaurants. 
I personally love their hipster decor/interior. It gives very authentic feeling somehow, and I feel like their ingredients and food would be super exotic, organic and fresh.
And I was right. Their pizza was delicious! Calabrese ($16) had tomato base, mozzarella and topped with soppressata (Italian dry salami) and nicoise olives (somewhat rare, grown only in the French Riviera with a low crop yield). The dough was thin, crispy and chewy. In terms of taste, it was on a saltier side but not too extreme. It can be a great pairing with a bottle of beer.
Chili Infused Olive Oil and Oregano Infused Olive Oil are available for the pizza.
Finocchiona ($16) also had tomato sauce as base and topped with fennel sausage, provolone, parmesan, spicy peppers and basil. Fresh basil was a great choice to enhance all the flavours. When I had a bite, the basil burst with aroma. Somewhat spicy and sweet at the same time - not too much.
Get your pizza fresh out of the oven! 

+ Fresh, tasty pizza
+ Nice hangout spot

- One washroom
- Somewhat inconvenient location

Food  4.0/5.0
Ambience  3.5/5.0
Service  4.0/5.0
Price  $

Address: 915 Main Street, Vancouver
Phone Number: 604-681-9334
Hours of Operation:
Monday to Sunday 5pm-9pm

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As the name indicates, I'm Sophia who Eats - a lot, and possibly everything. I basically love to do anything involved with food: eating, cooking, and even watching food documentaries! I will regularly update the lists of Must-Visit-Eateries and Hidden Gems in Metro Vancouver, so stay tuned! Hope you guys discover new restaurants and cafes that will give you great dining experiences and become your favourite spots as well!