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J and I have been craving Korean cold noodles because of the hot weather these days. And finally we made it to Sura today for a perfect food combination, the Galbi and Cold Noodles! Here is a previous review about Sura if you want to know more about other food offerings.

Some side dishes to start with or have it during the meal. Joe's favourite was the Grilled Fish. There was just enough salt to make it more tasty. Pretty good!
This was my favourite! I don't think there is a specific Korean name for this.. Basically, the eggplant is thinly sliced, lightly battered and deep-fried, with lots of pickled onions and mixed with sweet vinegary sauce.
To accompany with the cold noodles (best combination ever!) we ordered a Royal Marinated Galbi ($28). As expected, the beef was very fresh, juicy and tasty. One order was enough for us as we had a cold noodle for each of us.
J got a Mul Naeng Myeon ($10) which is a cold buckwheat noodle in an iced beef broth topped with a boiled egg, slices of beef, julienned cucumbers and slices of radish. J really liked it. Finish it before the soup goes lukewarm. I wished they used some iced broth here.
I wanted something that had more strong flavours, so I got a Bibim Naeng Myeon ($10), the cold buckwheat noodle with a red chili paste. I liked it :) Not too spicy and enough sweetness into it.
Overall, it was another pleasant experience, and now we like Sura more and more!

+ Tasty Korean food. Good quality beef at affordable prices.
+ I like how their tables are always clean

**I wish Sura offered a Galbi and Naeng Myeon combination! If I come here by myself, I wouldn't be able to order both for myself. I don't mind the galbi pre-cooked in the kitchen, so please consider it :D!

Food          4.0/5.0
Ambience  3.0/5.0
Service      3.0/5.0
Price          $$

Address: 1830-4151 Hazelbridge Way, Richmond (next to H-Mart at Aberdeen Centre)
Phone number: 604-370-5540
Hours of Operation: 
Sunday to Thursday 11am-4pm & 5pm-10pm
Friday to Saturday 11am-4pm & 5pm-11pm

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