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It's pretty surprising that I haven't reviewed about True's Tea, especially when I tried their food more than 20 times. I'm pretty sure I get their delivery service at least twice a month. Maybe because we always order the same dishes over and over again, I wasn't eager to blog about this place. Anyways, I decided to write a review about this place since we got some NEW dishes today (other than chicken nuggets and pork dishes....)
Shredded Pork with Bamboo Shoots ($12.95) wasn't my favourite but J's favourite. It was a pretty light dish with a hint of spice. I liked that bamboo shoots didn't have a strong flavour.
Sorry for a blurry picture. We already waited for 1.5 hour so I just wanted to take a picture very quickly and eat... Anyways.. back to food, as the name indicates,  Sweet Chicken ($12.95 for Medium) was pretty sweet. I loved its unique sweetness which was blended well with a hint of anise basil. It had a good amount of meat and lots of garlic inside.
Green Onion Pan Cake with Egg ($5.95) was alright, but could be better. Green onion pan cakes are rolled with a thin layer of cooked egg.
I also had a Chocolate Slush ($4.95), and it actually tasted better than the Oreo Slush and Japanese Green Tea w/ Red Bean Slush that I used to get.

I don't have all the pictures I've tried so far but here are some information:
Deep Fried Chicken Nuggets ($6.95): Has been always good. Can't be wrong when chicken is deep-fried to be honest.
Marinated Pork Intestine ($5.95): Way too smelly. Bad quality. The first time I tried about a year ago was alright, but since after that this typical dish is getting worse. We don't get it anymore.
Fried Pork Intestine ($5.25): Better than marinated ones.
Assorted Marinated ($10.95): Can be good for drinking snacks. I kinda liked it.
Pork Chop in Black Pepper Sauce ($12.95): I always get this one for dinner. This dish is very oily so you definitely need some rice and spicy side dish. If you order Pork Chop in Black Pepper Sauce w/ Rice under Special Combo Rice section it only costs you $9.95.
Chocolate with Condensed Milk Toast ($4.50): Worst dessert ever.
Club Sandwich ($8.50): Came with some fries. Wasn't a good idea for delivery food as the bread got all soggy.
Beef with Stir Fried Rice Noodle ($9.95): 2.5/5.0. This dish was lacking some meat and flavours.

Overall, True's Tea's food is not toooo bad, but I wouldn't say it's good. It's funny that we keep ordering food from them regardless of how bad their service has been in the past. It's because they have a late-night delivery service with lots of food choices. Delivery hours sometimes get really really bad, as like today it took more than 1.5 hour to get our food - any notifications received from the restaurant regarding delays. If you are really hungry, it'd be not the best option to order delivery food from True's Tea, as you get your food way faster if you go out and eat.

+ Free delivery service (minimum order $20)
Opens until late
+ Lots of food options (desserts, bubble tea, sandwich, Chinese snacks, rice, noodles etc)

- Service is consistently bad
- Takes at least 1.2 hours to get your food (delivery)
- Food is average but sometimes it gets really bad

Food 2.5/5.0
Ambience 2.5/5.0
Service 1.0/5.0
Price $

Address: #180-8400 Alexandra Road, Richmond, BC
Phone Number: 604-207-8469
Hours of Operation:
Sunday to Thursday 11:30am-2am
Friday & Saturday 11:30am-3am
**Delivery service 5:30pm-12:30am

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