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Last Saturday my friends and I went to Zabu for chimaek, the Korean fried chicken and beer. Every Friday and Saturday (7pm-midnight), Zabu offers Jokbal for $1 if you order chicken (must be $20+) and a beer pitcher. It was a pretty good deal for four of us. 
Regular simple side dishes that Korean chicken places offer - pickled radish and cabbage salad with mayo.
Yang Nyum Chicken ($21.95) wasn't too bad. My another Korean friend agreed that the fried chicken in Vancouver can never beat the ones in Korea. But.. actually it would be more fair to say I loved Zabu's chicken since I finished 3/4. *If you know any good spot for Korean fried chicken in Vancouver, please let me know!
Jokbal ($1) came with some edamame on the side and the portion wasn't big as we all assumed. Jokbal was a poor quality but edible when we were all drunk. It still deserved $1.
We ordered some other dishes later on but by that point I wasn't sober enough to take pictures...

+ Open until late
+ Delivery available
+ Friendly service

- Some items seemed to be overpriced such as japchae and pajeon

Food          3.0/5.0
Ambience  2.5/5.0
Service      3.5/5.0
Price          $$

Zabu Chicken Official Website
Address: 1635 Robson Street, Vancouver
Phone Number: 604-602-0021
Hours of Operation:
Monday to Sunday 3pm-3am

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