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My relatives and I went on a trip to Sunshine Coast. On the way to Lund, we stopped by Gibson to have lunch. Unlike our expectation, Mama's was a small take-out restaurant in which you order at counter. As soon as we arrived, there were lots of table but the tables were not connected together to fit for six of us. The server (or maybe cashier) kept saying they didn't have enough tables for us and continued what he was doing. We were very disappointed at their service and tried to look for other restaurants near by. Unfortunately, there were not so many options for us in such a small town, so we just sat separately...  J and I sat together and 4 of my relatives sat on the other tables. So, this review contains only the food that J and I had together. 
For our appetizer, we got their summer special item, Deep Fried Panko (Breaded) Prawns (6 pieces - $12.25). Six pieces of prawn tempura were served on a bed of green salad. The prawn tempura tasted pretty good. Very crunch on the outside, hot, soft and juicy on the inside. I could tell that they used very fresh prawns.
Mama's offers only two kinds of sashimi as shown above: Albacore Tuna & Sockeye Salmon Sashimi ($16 for 5 pieces each). Tuna had a very dull colour, and looked mushy from its appearance, but still tasted good. Sockeye salmon tasted just average. It was still pricey considering its quality and quantity.
I love cold noodles in general especially during the summer. So I wanted to try their Cold Noodle ($9) which consisted of Japanese udon noodles in cold broth with lettuce, julienned cucumbers, kinshi egg (shredded egg crepes), cherry tomatoes, topped with sesame seeds. On their menu, it doesn't say they use udon noodles, so I expected it to come with soba noodles. Using udon noodles was not the best option - it could be a really nice summer dish if the broth was flavourful enough, but it was tasteless and plain as the thick udon noodles couldn't absorb the sauce.
When we asked our server for recommendation, he suggested their California Roll ($4.25) and Dynamite Roll ($5). J and I were both surprised, as these rolls are the basic ones most of times... Anyways, we thought their rolls could be very authentic Japanese so decided to give it a try. Surprisingly, the rolls looked very poorly-made. The sushi rice was barely seasoned, and way too gummy. They used crab sticks and unripe avocados. There was no difference between Dynamite and California Rolls in terms of taste. J actually thought they were both California Rolls, and was waiting for Dynaite Rolls (LOL). The prawn tempura inside the rolls wasn't really prawn tempura. It tasted like deep-fried crab sticks. I can get better quality rolls at food court. 
In short, edible food but unbearable service. I don't want to describe in details, but the guy who served us gave really weird, awkward attitudes...  Go back to food,  I was wondering why they were so proud to call themselves as authentic Japanese restaurant.. That is a lie. This dining experience gave me a valuable lesson: I can never live in Gibson.

+ One of the Japanese restaurants available in a small town

- Terrible sushi rolls. Food court has better ones
- Worst service: no care for customers
- Gummy, over-cooked, unseasoned sushi rice
- Not serving authentic Japanese food (unlike what they claim to be)

Food 1.0/5.0
Ambience 2.5/5.0
Service 0.5/5.0 
Price $$ (Compared to quality & quantity)

Address: 101-12808 Madeira Park Road, Madeira Park, BC
Phone Number: 604-883-9190
Hours of Operation:
Open Daily 11:30am-8:30pm (until August 21st)
Open Daily except Sundays 1130am-230pm & 4-8pm (August 22nd to September 30th)

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