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Last week I was invited to MELU Juice & Health Bar, the first cold-pressed juice bar in Coal Harbour. Melu Juice bar is owned by two young beautiful ladies who are passionate about spreading their healthy super foods that contain lots of vitamins, minerals and live enzymes. Most of their products are sugar-free, unpasteurized, vegan and gluten-free.

Cold Pressed Juices and Health Bars
Luckily I got a chance to try their 8 different juices and 6 different health bars! These are only a few of the items they have in the store. They have a wide range of creative, healthy juices and food.

MELU's menu mainly consists of Liquids and Solids:

- Cold Pressed Juices
- Smoothies
- Nut Mylks 
- Detox Waters
Find those symbols on your bottles, and check the benefits of the juice you are drinking.
Nicely packaged juices and detox waters - Cold-pressed juices can be stored for 2-3 days unlike the regular juices you get from franchised juice stores. 
Detox Waters come in a 500ml bottle. They use seasonal fruits and veggies with distilled water only.

- Overnight Oatmeals
- Chia Puddings
- Salads
- Health Bars
Their Salads are one of the famous items - Raw, vegan, gluten-free!
Most of their items were sold out around 430pm. Seemed like this place is getting popular very quickly!
MELU's cold pressed juices come in two sizes, 250ml and 500ml. Each jar contains about 2 to 3lbs of of veggies and fruits. After trying 8 different flavours, my favourite juices came to be Winter Wonderland, Orange Glow, Berry Beetiful. Orange Glow consisted of carrot, apple, pineapple, tomato and ginger. Unlike my expectation, the ginger flavour wasn't too strong. It had a hint of ginger flavour which I really liked. It tasted more like a carrot juice with some sweetness which came from apple and pineapple. I liked the fact that the sweetness didn't come from sugar, but from natural produce. It was very refreshing. My second favourite was Winter Wonderland which consisted of winter melon, apple, kale, spinach and celery. I think this one had a good balance of vegetables and fruits. Both Orange Glow and Winter Wonderland promote weight loss! I think I will stick with these two!

Frosty the Carrot Cake, King of a Fig Deal, Lemon Razz, Mangolicious, Cocao Banana Split, So Fudgin Good Health Bar (Left to Right)
My favourite health bars were Mangolicious, Cocao Banana Split and So Fudgin Good. Mangolicious Health bar consists of mango, walnuts, almonds, cashews, coconut mylk, shredded coconut, dates and agave nectar. I loved its nutty base made from all different sorts of nuts. So Fudgin Good tastes just what the name says. So many good ingredients used in this: avocado, coconut cream, coconut oil, cocoa, pecans, dates, agave nectar, Himalayan pink salt, strawberry and goji berry topping! The topping had a very silky, soft texture which was from avocado, coconut cream and coconut oil. I couldn't tell this health bar was raw and vegan because I used to think that all healthy snacks are not tasty at all! It actually tastes similar, or the same as the unhealthy desserts I used to have... Cocao Banana Split made with banana, cashews, walnuts, coconut oil, shredded coconut, dates, cocoa and Himalayan pink salt. This one was also very delicious. I loved its topping which consists of cocoa butter and coconut oil. Everything with cocoa tastes amazing! 
I personally don't like sour taste so I didn't like their Lemon Razz that much, but if you are a fan of sour-flavoured desserts, you will definitely like it. 
I liked MELU's wood interior that gives warm and cozy feel.
Check in & Tag MELU on Facebook & Instagram and get 5% off :D!
MELU was a whole new food experience for me. My diet habit is really bad as I put lots and lots of sugar/honey/syrup in my coffee, and I also enjoy drinking extremely sweet frappes - can't resist Matcha chillo from Blenz.... Anyways, I am far from eating healthy, mainly because I think raw and vegan food is not tasty. I was glad that I got to try MELU's food as it changed my presumptions towards vegan food more positively. I will drop by this place time to time during lunch hours! Although I am a B-I-G eater, I think some items can be a really healthy meal replacement :)
They also provide lunch combo menus you might be interested in:
1 Juice or Smoothie + 1 Salad = $18
1 Juice or Smoothie + 1 Health Bar = $14
I think it's not too bad as each item is made with lots of cares and healthiest, freshest ingredients. However if you are on a budget, it wouldn't be the best option in terms of quantity.

+ Cozy interior & decors
+ No doubt - HEALTHY FOOD
+ Raw, vegan, sugar-free but still healthy and tasty :O (culture shock, seriously)

- $10 can be pricey for a bottle of juice

Food 3.5/5.0 
Ambience 3.5/5.0
Service N/A
Price $$

Address: 1110 West Pender Street, Vancouver, BC
Phone Number: 778-379-6358
Hours of Operation:
Monday to Friday 730am-730pm
Saturday to Sunday 9am-4pm

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