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Last Saturday my friends and I visited Sushi Nanaimo in Vancouver which is located on Nanaimo and East Hastings Street. The place was fully packed when we arrived there around 7pm. Their food was pretty much the same as Sushi Garden and Sushi California which are all owned by Koreans. Wouldn't be an option for someone looking for authentic Japanese, but maybe good place for having decent sushi at affordable prices and generous portions. 
After a few minutes we ordered, our rolls started coming even though the restaurant seemed really busy. Their service was so fast so that we started thinking their rolls might be pre-made. Hope not, but the rolls actually came out before our sashimi and nigiri. Anyways back to our first dish, Nanaimo Roll ($6.5) consisted of spicy tuna, cucumbers inside, topped with sweet potato flakes, drizzled with spicy mayo and unagi sauce.  It was a bit spicy but not too much. The tempura bits gave a nice crunchy texture. Everyone seemed to love this roll the best (2.5/5.0).
Red Roll ($5.95) had chopped scallop, cucumbers and topped with spicy salmon. Pretty simple but not plain taste (3.0/5.0).
 Sushi Nanaimo's Awesome Roll ($6.95) is not different from any other Korean-owned sushi restaurants. It's a California Roll wrapped with baked salmon, masago and lots of yam fries on top. Same as other rolls, they used spicy mayo and unagi sauce (3.0/5.0).
Dragon Roll ($7.95) was my favourite. Sorry for the poor quality picture, but the roll looked way better and appetizing. Pretty much a California Roll wrapped with avocado and huge chunks of unagi (BBQ Eel), and topped with bonito, tobiko, spicy mayo & unagi sauce (3.5/5.0).
 Salmon Sashimi ($8.95) came out really late when we almost finished all the rolls above. Although salmon looked a bit mushy from its appearance, it was pretty fresh and tasty. But I thought it needs better sashimi cutting skills still (3.0/5.0).
I usually don't like to order Spicy Salmon Sashimi ($9.95) as I can't tell how fresh the sashimi because of the strong spicy sauce. But some of my friends wanted to try so we got it. The sauce was spicier than I expected, but still good. Good to have a few pieces while eating huge chunks of sushi rolls (3.0/5.0).
 It took a long time to get our nigiri sushi. 10 pcs Toro Nigiri ($1.30), 2 pcs Hamachi Nigiri ($2.00) and 1 pc Tobiko with Quail Egg Nigiri ($1.60). As I mentioned earlier, they need better sashimi knife skills... The toro looked really poor :(.. Also, each piece had too much sushi rice which was a bit gluey and gummy. Hamachi didn't have that distinct burgundy colour on the outside. The taste was below average (1.0/5.0).
Six of us were pretty full and the bill costed only $75.86. Really cheap sushi!

- One of the cheapest sushi in town
- Decent quality rolls
- Food comes fast

- They don't serve alcohol
- Slippery floor. My friend and I almost fell
- Sushi quality needs to be improved

Food 3.0/5.0
Ambience 2.5/5.0
Service 3.5/5.0
Price $

Address: 350 Nanaimo Street, Vancouver
Phone number: 604-876-9200
Hours of Operation:
Monday to Sunday 11am to 10pm

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