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Tairyou used to be one of my favourites, but my recent visit was really disappointing. I felt like complimentary peanuts tasted the best among other food....
I ordered J's one of favourite drinking snacks, Shishamo (BBQ Smelt - $4.80). It tastes really good when it's cooked right, but Tairyou's shisamo was not really impressive. It was way too salty for our liking.
Pairing sake with good sashimi is always good. So we also got Assorted Sashimi - 5 kinds ($18). 
On the plate, there were 5 different types of sashimi for 3 pieces each: ika (squid), hamachi (yellowtail), tuna, akagai (red clams, orange clams etc), atlantic salmon sashimi (left to right). 
Sashimi wasn't cut up in uniform pieces resulting in misshapen slices of sashimi. In terms of quality, ika and tuna seemed not fresh, but hamachi was bearable. 
This akagai was a huge fail. As the clam lives in a muddy environment the chefs need some enough preparation to wash off any sand. However, when I had a bite there was too much sand I couldn't keep eating.
So we got another order which didn't have sand, but it definitely wasn't the best quality.
Toro Salmon Aburi Oshizushi (Seared toro salmon pressed sushi - $7.80) was my last hope. I was a bit skeptical because of its cheap price (normally it costs around $20), but thought it was worth to check out! 
Their oshizushi was not as good as aburi nigiri sushi I used to have. The sushi was somewhat bland, and there was no additional salmon piece in the middle of the sushi rice. Salmon was cut up really thin, and it wasn't strong in flavour. Ikura and sliced onions were not enough to make their oshizushi more special than other places.
Overall, it was a disappointing experience as Tairyou used to be one of my favourite Japanese restaurants that offer good aburi sushi. I might not come back here for a while..

+ Affordable prices

- Sashimi needs better knife skills...
- Needs more preparation before serving clam sashimi
- Oshizushi was very disappointing regardless of its cheap price

Food 2.5/5.0
Ambience 3.0/5.0
Service 3.0/5.0
Price $~$$

Address: 4300 Kingsway, Burnaby, BC
Phone number: 604-451-3331
Hours of Operation:
Monday to Thursday 1130am-2pm & 530pm-1130pm
Friday 1130am-2pm & 530pm-midnight
Saturday 530pm-midnight
Sunday 530pm-1030pm

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