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Ebisu (Richmond): Not for Good Quality Sashimi

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It was really difficult to find seats during long weekend Sunday dinner. After trying 3 different Chinese restaurants in Richmond, we ended up here at Ebisu. Because there wasn't a long line-up we decided to have dinner here regardless J didn't like their food that much.
Chicken Wings ($7.50) with traditional teriyaki sauce tasted pretty good. Couldn't tell if the chicken itself was good quality because the sauce was overpowering everything else. However, the sauce was still good enough to make it tasty. Somewhat crispy on the outside and still juicy and soft meat on the inside.
Samurai Power ($6.50 - 4 pieces) was a California Roll wrapped with BBQ unagi, topped with red & black tobiko and unagi & wasabi cream sauce. It tasted pretty good. There was a decent amount of eel, and the sauce was very tasty. You can get the full size roll (8 pieces) for $11.95.
Sashimi Vancouver ($15.95) consisted of Tuna (3pcs), Salmon (3pcs), Yellowtail (2pcs) and Toro (2pcs). I was really disappointed at the quality of sashimi they offered. Salmon was somewhat tough and tasteless. Toro and hamachi were both fishy while missing buttery textures and flavours. 
Our waitress seared the Inferno Toro Sushi ($9.99) on the table right in front of us. I was excited about it but then soon after I was disappointed at its quality and flavours. There was no additional slice of toro in the middle of the sushi rice, but some kind of leaves that had a strong flavour. It was similar to perilla leaves but even a stronger smell. 
Overall, the service was alright, but the food itself wasn't good enough to attract us to come back anytime soon.

+ Short wait time (?)
+ Good deals for lunch and happy hours

- Sashimi quality wasn't good
- Washroom wasn't clean

Food 2.0/5.0
Ambience 3.5/5.0
Service 3.5/5.0
Price $, $$

Address: 110-8171 Ackroyd Road, Richmond, BC
Phone number: 604-270-4846
Hours of Operation:
Monday to Sunday 1130am-230pm
Sunday to Thursday 430-10pm
Friday to Saturday 430-11pm

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