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Sushi Bar Maumi: Fish directly from Japan

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A little while back I've finally got to try Sushi Bar Maumi! It's a tiny, traditional Japanese restaurant where you can enjoy rare fish directly from Japan. They are only open for dinner (6-10pm) and people start lining up even before 6pm, which tells me that this place is pretty popular. It wouldn't be ideal for a large group of people because of the small space but definitely worth trying.
Entrance - I was in line even before they are open
A warm green tea served right after I ordered
Sushi Bar Maumi Nigiri Sushi/Sashimi Menu 1
Sushi Bar Maumi Nigiri Sushi/Sashimi Menu 2
I ordered a 10pc Omakase Nigiri Sushi ($25) which had a great selection of fish! It consisted of Anago, Hamachi, Uni, Tennen Hirame (Flounder), Uchiwahagi (Unicorn Leatherjacket) Uni, Hashi Kinme (Orange Roughy), 2 Tamago (Egg) and some more! To be honest I can't remember everything I had here because a lot of them were unfamiliar and very rare to be found in Vancouver. These are the ones that I can only remember.. Make sure you ask what kind of fish is on the plate so you know what to order next time. 
You don't need any soy sauce as each piece is brushed with a tiny bit of sauces. I enjoyed every bite!
Hon Maguro O-toro (Fatti Bluefin Tuna - $12) was amazingly good! Hon Maguro is usually farmed in Japan or in the Mediterranean Sea. It's considered as the king of tuna, very fatty and usually sold as chutoro (fatty tuna) or O-toro (fatty tuna belly). I aware of radiation from Fukushima, but couldn't help but order their fish sourced from Japan :'(
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Food 4.5/5.0
Ambience 2.0/5.0
Service 4.0/5.0
Price $$ ~ $$$

Address 1226 Bute Street, Vancouver
Phone number 604-609-2286
Hours of operation
Monday to Saturday 6PM-10PM
Sunday Closed

Sushi Bar Maumi Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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