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Trattoria Italian Kitchen: Calamari on Point!

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One of the Glowbal Group's Italian restaurant, Trattoria Burnaby, is located in the Element Hotel close from Crystal Mall. I like Growbal in general when it comes to atmosphere and service, but not so much for the food based on my overall experiences. My previous visit to Trattoria wasn't great but we came here for our pizza craving regardless. Gladly this time I was pretty satisfied with their service and food. 

Cheese Bread ($5.95) Garlic bread with cheese blend on top. It was a bit blend but good to have it with some pasta later.

Anna's Salad ($18.95) was a mix of chicken, pecans, dried cranberries, apples, goat cheese on a bed of fresh greens. It was refreshing and really stimulated my appetite! I think a combination of pecans, goat cheese and apples was very nicely done.

Sicilian Calamari ($12.95) wasn't really regular calamari I had at so many other restaurants. A generous portion of squid already satisfied my hunger, and the texture was perfect for my liking. It was very crispy on the outside, and soft and tender on the inside. Also, added cilantro and garlic gave a very nice touch to the flavours. One thing I didn't really like about was the sauce. I wish they had a spicy tomato sauce on the side instead of placing it on the bottom. On a side note, spicy tomato sauce wasn't spicy at all. It was rather mild tomato sauce in my opinion. Still really good.

Daily Special Pasta? I was asking for a thick, cream pasta and our server recommended this dish that wasn't on the menu. Unfortunately I didn't really like it. There was not enough cream sauce making the dish a bit blend.

Squash Pizza ($14.95) was tasty as well. It was topped with pesto, roasted squash, taleggio, and roasted hazelnuts. It was very light and enjoyable.
Zeppole al Cioccolato ($8.95) - Italian style doughnuts with chocolate gianduja and vanilla crème anglaise.

Food 3.8/5.0
Service 4.5/5.0
Ambience 4.0/5.0
Price $$

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