I am a huge fan of sushi. My close friends don't even bother asking me what food I want for lunch or dinner. But sometimes it can be pricey to eat sushi outside almost everyday. So, this is the TOP 5 "CHEAP" SPOTS in Metro Vancouver. The only thing we want to consider is decent quality sushi at pocket-friendly prices where you can grab a quick lunch by yourself. These places are NOT romantic date night restaurants or worth your travel time more than 20 minutes. Here is a checklist for you to see whether or not you would like one of these spots:
  • I do not care ambience.
  • Service is not my concern as long as they give me what I ordered quickly.
  • I am on a tight budget but my tummy needs sushi.
  • I love big, fatty, thick pieces of sashimi that will satisfy my stomach.
  • I love cheap special combos/bento box/lunch deals
If you answered yes to more than 3 out of 5, go find these places and indulge your craving for sushi as much as you want!

1. Sushi Ville
They have a great selection of special combos that worth your buck which are mostly priced from $10 to $12. For their Special Combo B ($10.95), you get Crunchy Shrimp Roll (5pcs), Tamago Roll (3pcs), Salmon Roll (3pcs) and one of each Salmon, Tuna and Ebi Nigiri Sushi. They have a variety of special rolls that start from $7.
Salmon Sashimi ($8.95 for 7 pieces)
738 Davie Street, Vancouver

2. Sushi & Roll
This place can be a better alternative to Sushi Garden or Sushi California. Amazingly big, thick pieces of sashimi at cheap prices. Their Love Boat ($25.95) comes with 18 pieces of Assorted Sashimi, 8 pieces of Nigiri Sushi, 1 California Roll, 1 Salmon Roll and 2 Miso Soups. One boat is enough for two people or even three people with adding extra dishes.
Love Boat ($25.95)
103-10241 King George Boulevard, Surrey

3. Momo Sushi 
When dining at Momo Sushi treat yourself to Chirashi Don ($10.50) which comes in a big bowl filled with seaweed salad, spicy tuna and chopped scallop in addition to assorted fresh sashimi. They have value-for-money combos and bentos as well.
Chirashi Don ($10.50)
Tips: You can substitute salmon for tuna if you wish.
375 Water Street, Vancouver

4. Takeya Sushi
My favourite special combo here is the Takeya Nigiri ($11.95) which comes with Tuna Roll (3pcs), Salmon Roll (3pcs) and 5 Nigiri Sushi inclduing Unagi, Amaebi, Aburi Saba, Aburi Salmon, and Aburi Toro. Aburi Sushi tends to be really expensive if you have at fine dining restaurants, but this home-style Japanese restaurant provides the quality sashimi and amazingly tasty Aburi Sushi for affordable prices.
Takeya Nigiri ($11.95)
Takoyaki ($5.45)
Their Takoyaki is also a must as they don't use the frozen Takoyaki but make the fresh ones!
17-8671 No. 1 Road, Richmond (Inside the Seafair Mall)

5. Sushi Garden 
Visiting this place can be somewhat risky as their food tends to be a bit hit-and-miss. I usually come here for take-out as the place gets really, really busy during dinner time. Sometimes it takes more than 30 minutes to get seated. I recommend you avoid the prime lunch/dinner time especially at Sushi Garden. They don't have lunch break time, so it'd be a good idea to visit between 2-5pm so that chefs can take care of your food better. Their Sushi/Sashimi Combos are pretty decent making you really full after eating gigantic pieces of the fish.
Alaska Roll ($3.95) and Toro Nigiri Sushi ($1.30 for each)
Salmon Sashimi ($8.95 for gigantic 9 pieces)
Salmon Sashimi, Toro and Hamachi Nigiri Sushi
4635 Kingsway, Burnaby

+ One more cheap sushi place in Vancouver: Sushi Nanaimo 

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Happy Sushi Eating!


As the name indicates, I'm Sophia who Eats - a lot, and possibly everything. I basically love to do anything involved with food: eating, cooking, and even watching food documentaries! I will regularly update the lists of Must-Visit-Eateries and Hidden Gems in Metro Vancouver, so stay tuned! Hope you guys discover new restaurants and cafes that will give you great dining experiences and become your favourite spots as well!